Bluehost and CloudFlare

UPDATE: I've turned off CloudFlareI had a dedicated IP address for the site mentioned below. I wasn't paying close enough attention to all the details of turning on CloudFlare. It should have been obvious, but I missed it. Cloudflare assigns Continue Reading

From PHP to HTML

PHP is great, but there is one thing about it.   It has to be loaded with a call to the database to grab the data to display.   Each of those "calls", a database query takes little bit of time to execute.   Therefore, if you can save a few of those Continue Reading

Enable Gzip Compression

One of the things that Page Speed recommended was to Enable Gzip Compression.   I'm not going to go into all the ways I tried to implement this (and blew up the site in the process.   I'm going to cut to the chase and show you the steps it took to Continue Reading

The Firefox Page Speed Add-on

Once you add the Page Speed Add-on you will think you have slipped down the rabbit hole with Alice. You will wonder if you are on a Speed trip yourself (not that I can tell you what that is like)This add-on, is an add-on to an add-on. It works Continue Reading

Google Webmaster Tools Site Performance

I think Google changes the layout of Webmaster tools more than Costco changes where they are hiding stuff. Even more often than teen age girls change the theme on their Myspace or Facebook page. More often than a U-boat commander changed underwear. Continue Reading

Page Load Time Testing

This is a short post about testing page load times. Which is probably a good thing so you can quickly get to testing those pages on your site and tweaking them to get those load times shortened. If you already have a caching plugin activated on your Continue Reading