Hyper Local Target Marketing Title Tags

Title Tags The Engine Under The Hood These little babies are the Turbo Charged Engines that makes the wheels go round and it is unfortunate they are also the Rodney Dangerfield's of the Internet. I say the internet and not just blogging because Continue Reading

Hyper Local Target Marketing Create Your Own Backlinks

I remember when I first got started blogging I read everywhere. "To get a high pagerank you have to get quality backlinks."True, and a good piece of advise. How do you do that? "Write quality content that people want to link back to" Sounds Continue Reading

Hyper Local Blog Market Targeting

What a mouthful. I am a hyper local blogger at heart. It is the focus of my writing and the time I spend studying how to get these blogs in front of new readers and provide valuable information about my real estate market and the community in which Continue Reading