Google Site Search

Have you ever done a Google search and when you clicked on a link it went to the homepage of the site and not to the information you were looking for.Most of us take 1 millionth of a second to see it isn't there and rather than try and find Continue Reading

WordPress 2.1 Text Editor Why I hate it

 I've spent so much time trying to get 2.1 up and running with the Tiga theme and various plugins I haven't done much in the way of posting.   Now I'm trying to post and the new editor is biting me hard.   Of course I discover this after saying it Continue Reading

Add a little margin to your blog photos

When you place a photo in a blog post do you just live with the text running right up to the edge of your image.   Would you like to have some margin, but you don't know how to get it.   Here is an easy way to get what you want.Images can be Continue Reading

A Great Real Estate Camera – Kodak V570

This last year we had a lot more listing than usual.    I was taking a lot of photos of interiors as well as outside shots.    One of the frustrating things I've run into is trying to take interior shots that didn't  make the rooms look small.   Continue Reading

Sitemap Plugin

I wanted a sitemap on our Tucson Real Estate blog. I went looking  on the WordPress plugin section site.   I found Dagon Design sitemap plugin  easy to install and configure and it does exactly what I wanted it to do.   You can see it at work on the Continue Reading

Hittail, A Peek Behind The Curtain

I actually was using Hittail for quite some time before Mary at RSS Pieces mentioned it in her Top 10 Best SEO Web Tools.   There are a lot of good tools mentioned on that post.   I have used some of them and I've bookmarked that post and go back to Continue Reading