ColorZilla Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator

We don't need no stinking .jpg background gradient.  Now that CSS3 is being widely accepted by most browsers the need for slow loading images for rounded corners, drop shadows and gradient backgrounds no longer exists.One of the best and easiest Continue Reading

Migrating WordPress Content from MYSQL 4.0 to 5.0

In January of 2008 I wrote the post: Restore your WordPress Database From Mysql 4 to Mysql 5 Recently I had the need to update a blog for a friend trying to come out of the dark ages and update his WP blog from 2.6 to 2.9.2.   He ran the autoupgrade Continue Reading

Take Me to The Dashboard

Here is a really nice piece of code that I ran into on a theme I've been modifying. If you are logged into the blog and you are an Admin you click on the description and it takes you directly to the admin panel. If you are anyone else it takes you Continue Reading

Have a Little Fun With CSS

Going Green on St. Patrick's Day Sorry I didn't get to this a little sooner.   Didn't have the idea till some things were cleared off the desk and out of my mind.   Yes, I just said "Out of my mind"I've been modifying a theme lately and doing a Continue Reading

WordPress 2.5 More Observations

Manage still exists but Options is gone. The Options have been scattered about various places on the Dashboard. Settings, Plugins, Users are now top right. They aren't on a tab just sitting there to themselves.Tags, are "Managed" but I'm not Continue Reading

Brother MFC-5460CN Much Less Than a Printer

Follow the Logic Brick Road I've never been the kind of person to use a knife for a screwdriver, well maybe a couple of times.   But that's not the point.While the ladies of the house might go to the mall to "Shop"   they wonder why I don't want Continue Reading