Google Wave Surfs Out

Had a message at the bottom of my browser that my Wave notifier had   "Cookies Blocked" Caught my interest (and eye, red does that).   I clicked on it and got the screen below.Is anyone using Google Wave anymore?Has Buzz taken the Continue Reading

Feeding Your Inner Geek while Feeding the Family

But I want to do the fun stuff. . .     I overheard this, no I didn't over hear it, actually it was in a conversation yesterday with a colleague getting in touch with her inner geek.   We've been working together on a couple of projects.   Honestly, Continue Reading

Publish On and WP 2.9

Did you start any draft posts between 2.9 and 2.9.1?   Have you noticed when you go back to those drafts, finish the post and publish they seemed to disappear, kinda?I've had that happen on a couple of my blogs.   I tend to take ideas and quickly Continue Reading

Beginning the Year on a Binary Note

01-01-10In the Land of Geek Speak, we all know that everything done in computing is either a 1 or a 0.  That is what all of our typing, images, documents, anything we send or do with a computer or on the internet is reduced to a series of 1's Continue Reading

Google PageRank Update on a Blue Moon

Did you notice Google slipped in one last PR update for 2009.Did anyone get a late Christmas present from Uncle Google?Or were you left a smaller lump of green coal in your task-bar than you had yesterday?I looked up a few minutes ago to Continue Reading

Google and The Buzz, The Rumor, The Gossip about Speed

Once upon a time it was "Meta Tags" Tag it and rank. This became passe and "old school" PageRank was the new king of SEO and ranking. The capital of commerce was "What's your PR?" If you had PR you could trade, wheel and deal. Now there is a Continue Reading