UnCategorized Screams NEWBIE

I have a checklist of things I do as soon as a new site is installed.  The fourth thing on that list is:Change the name of the default category from Uncategorized to "General"Nothing shouts NEWBIE to a blog ready more than having the default Continue Reading

Contact Form Routine Check UP !

How many of you routinely send a test email through your contact form?I'll bet, close to ZERO.   You set it up and forget it.   DON'T FORGET IT! Spam Bots use contact forms Yeah, we all know this, but instead of cursing the intrusion to your Continue Reading

SexyBookmarks not Sexy with Worpress 3.0.2

UPDATE 12/20/2010: Jay (from Sexybookmarks) left a couple of comments last night. This morning I upgraded Sexybookmarks and ran benchmark pageload time tests. Indeed it seems the issues are resolved. You can now shorten with your favorite URL Continue Reading

Site Migration Watch for These

Migrating a site from one host to another can be a daunting task.There are a lot of things that can, and often do go wrong. Why? Because a site migration requires doing a lot of things in a specific order. Get one of these steps out of order Continue Reading

Dynamic Headers Plugin

I've used Dynamic headers with several themes.   Recently I installed it on Twenty Ten.   It is a great way to have a different header image for any page or post.It requires a code insert into the header.php but it is fairly simple to do.   It Continue Reading

Guest Post for your site

Do I really want this person to be writing on my site or should they be going to English class? Hi,I visited your site:  www.tucsonazrealestateblog.com and I must say that your site has got really good and worthy information. While reading your Continue Reading