Clean Archives Plugin One Cool Geek with Laptop

Almost everyday I hit the links at the bottom of the dashboard page and check the new plugins and themes available for Wordpress.On May 16 in the plugins post there was an archives plugin mentioned.I had just been setting up a new theme one Continue Reading

Google TiSP Going with the Flow Free Broadband

That's right you heard it here first of April 2007 Google releases Free Google TiSP Broadband.   What an amazing application of modern commodel communication. What a fanastic idea.   I signed up for my kit just now.   I can hardly wait to get rid of Continue Reading

Mary, Mary, not contrary, how does your MeMe Grow

Maureen Francis  tagged me for the latest round of contagion going around.   This virus was started in another part of the blogosphere when it hit Mary McKnight at RSS Pieces it mutated quickly and began infecting the real estate blog Continue Reading