How is Your Site User Interface?

I'm always looking at the user interface of a site.  I probably spend more time looking at the UI than I do the content.Innovation in UI design is where you can see what is considered "Cutting Edge"  Although sometimes that edge is very dull.  Continue Reading

Handling Link Removal Requests

We Paid to Manipulate the Search Rankings, Now we are going to BUG you to work for us for FREERecently I've been getting a lot of link removal requests with the same boilerplate content. They all start with something like this: We have Continue Reading

Why Do People like Infographics ?

An infographic by the team at CouponAudit. Continue Reading

ZipRealty Hires SEO Firm who SPAMS Their Reputation

It's been awhile since I talked about the value of your reputation on the web and how important it is to really know who you are hiring when you hire an SEO firm.This morning this comment was waiting for moderation. A new comment on the post Continue Reading

Stop WordPress from adding unwanted break codes

I was recently adding some html code from a source into Wordpress.  The problem, Wordpress kept adding break codes <br /> and messing up the styling on the page.I struggled with this, modified the CSS as a work around and gave up.  Today, I Continue Reading

It’s Spamuary – Check Your Filter

If you are not to blogging in 2011 then you haven't  been through a Spamuary season.When you started your blog you were probably hit with the initial greetings from those that troll for new sites to salt with their comments designed to garner Continue Reading