Captions in Sidebar Widgets

WP Captions in Text Widgets

Have you ever tried to use a captioned image in a text widget? You get something like this:

Widget Captions

Oh, that's not what I expected

That’s not what you expected is it; and your not alone.

There is the hard solution and the easy solution.  Let’s go with easy.

But First the Hard Solution

You knew I was going to say that, but I’m not going to explain it.  The hard solution is to modify your theme’s css to integrate handling captions in text widgets.  But if you change themes, you will have to do this all over again.


The Simple Solution

So let’s cut to the chase and make this as easy as possible.

  1. Open a new page and add your image and caption. (Align it as well, probably center)
  2. Preview the page.
  3. View the Page Source.
  4. Copy the html where the image is displayed on the page.
  5. Paste the html into your text widget.

That’s all there is to it.

The Code:

Caption Code

The Results:

Text Widget Captions

And that’s the simple way to add captions to text widgets in your sidebars.

Thanks to Bill Beam as he starts his real estate carrier and blog at The Charlotte Real Estate Blog


  1. Wow! That is easy. Sometimes these plug ins can be a little bit buggy. I find myself messing with text or alignment for much too long. This def helps.