Cancelled – ALERT Simple Sidebar Navigation Plugin Not Compatible with 2.8

UPDATE: June 22, 2009 Max went to work quickly on this one and the Simple Sidebar Navigation Plugin is now completely compatible with 2.8.   I love this plugin and will have a full post on it later this week.   Be sure to read the comments below.

If you are using the Simple Sidebar Navigation Plugin by Max Chirkov It is not currently compatible with WordPress 2.8.

It will still function but you can’t add additional pages to anything currently setup


  1. Hey Dave,

    thanks for the heads up. I just updated my test site to WP 2.8 and it looks like all Simple Sidebar Navigation widgets work except the first one (with the title Simple Sidebar Navigation 1). If you still have my plugin on your site, could you please confirm this?

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  2. Max,

    I sure do, I love this plugin. I use it for top nav all the time. LOL, I’ll add another and use it in the top nav and get a reply back to you in a few minutes.

    Ok, here’s the problem. I just tried to add a another simple nav widget on that site and it won’t let me add a new widget either. What Next?

  3. Yikes! Btw, I found this resource recently: Not sure how reliable it is, but it’s a start for plugin compatibility.

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  4. Dave, I released new version (2.1.0) which is available on the official WP site – it should be fully compatible with the WordPress 2.8

    Let me know how it works for you if you get a chance to test it.

    Thank you.

    Max ´s last blog post..ThickBox Content Plugin for WordPress

  5. Max,

    I updated my 2.8 site and it works great. It also looks like I don’t have to create new simple sidebar widgets, just drag and drop when I need one.

    Was there an issue like this with the advanced text widget? If so is is updated?

  6. Dave, I never publicly released the Advanced Text widget. I shared it with a few friends (I guess they’re mutual :)). If I get some free time, I’ll definitely update it and make it public as well.

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  7. Max,

    Didn’t realize that about the Advanced Text Widget. That is another great plugin. I know a lot of RE Bloggers could and would use it.

  8. I know. It’s just hard to juggle between a full time job, family, my own project and then free plugins 🙂

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  9. I love this plugin. Thanks very much!
    I have 2 questions though.
    1)How do I indent the subpages or do something to make them look different than the parent pages?
    2) I would like to make my navigation look more like a webiste and maybe have some icon next to the parent pages or something like that (similar to bullets). As of now it is just a list of links.
    How would I do that?
    3) Is there a way to make the subparent pages appear only when the parent page is active?
    Thanks again!

  10. Nicole,

    For question 1 you can edit the suckerfish.css to indent the subpages and add the bullet points too if you are so inclined.

    for #3 you could create multiple nav boxes one of each page that will only have subpages on that page and exlude that box from all other pages/posts. And the same for all others

  11. Thanks so much for getting back to me.
    Is there by any chance a standard css that I could use? I don’t know enough css to do this from scratch but I could (hopefully) adapt existing code.
    If there is something like this available or someone who would be prepared to share their code it would be much appreciated!
    Thanks in advance!

  12. Nicole,

    every theme styles sidebar lists in their own way, so, the best bet for you is to edit the existing theme’s style sheet to adjust the sidebar lists the way you want.
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  13. Nicole,

    Max is spot on. The suckerfish.css I mentioned is if you are using the top navigation menu part of the plugin. Otherwise your individual theme sidebar styling takes over.

    Using Firefox and Firebug will help you check and adjust your sidebar styling.


  14. Thanks for getting back to me.
    I don’t seem to have lists in my theme’s css.
    I tried to paste the css but the message would not go through.
    Could it be that a theme does not have a list or is my css worse than I thought?

  15. Nicole,

    You haven’t shared the URL to your site. If you don’t know how to edit your theme css it isn’t a good idea to mess with this.

    CSS lists are not “list” they are ul and ol and li for objects in the list.

    “I tried to paste the css but the message would not go through.” Tried to paste what CSS, where? Go Through?

  16. Nicole,

    CSS is out of the scope of this plugin. It seems that you need to learn a little bit about CSS and the tools that help to create and edit style sheets. As Dave mentioned above – Firebug for Firefox is a great addon that can help you with that. I would also suggest to google some basic tutorials on how to use Firebug and style lists with CSS. Take a look at this tutorial – – I think it’s one of the best tutorials on styling lists with CSS.
    .-= Max´s last blog ..Making Featured Content Gallery work with jQuery and jQuery Powered Plugins =-.

  17. Max,

    Thanks for the information and Amen!

  18. Thanks!
    The tutorial looks excellent.
    After I have gone through the tutorial and prepared the css for the list where do I paste it so that it will be recognized by the plugin?

  19. You should be able to add it to the end of the style.css file that is located in your theme’s folder.
    .-= Max´s last blog ..Making Featured Content Gallery work with jQuery and jQuery Powered Plugins =-.

  20. Nicole,

    The best thing to do is find someone to modify your theme css for you. At this time you shouldn’t try and do this on a live site.