Building Quality One Way Backlinks Yourself

Create a profile and start submitting

Create a profile and start submitting

I’ve written a couple of post illustrating how you can build good one way backlinks to your site without resorting to leaving comments on blog post which is very much a gamble you will get any of the link juice from the post.

Backlinks are about more than just juice. They are also an opportunity for more traffic coming to your site because of greater exposure.

The more places you can be found the better the odds of it happening.

Hyper Local Target Marketing Create Your Own Backlinks

Here we talked about

  • Create another blog from which you can link back to your main blog
  • Create a photo blog with links back to posts with a smaller version of the same image
  • Submit your blog posts to
  • Submit listings to Craig’s List with links back to your blogs
  • Make sure you ask Google to index the images on your blog

Your Street for Your Blog Content

Another site where you can submit your blog and they will take it from there and every post you write will be published as an except on their site with a good one way link back to you.

Local Media Outlets   Newspapers and Television

I don’t know if this holds true for all communities, but I know it is true for Tucson.

I recently started submitting photos to the Arizona Daily Star photo gallery.   I set up a profile in which I could put information and links back to my blogs.   There is no limit to the number of images submitted and other registered users can see your images and leave comments.   You/They can also include links in the comments.

The other day I posted an image which was also a post on the Painting Tucson photo blog.   After I submitted the photo to the gallery I left a comment on it say “If you would like to see a larger version of the image go to Painting Tucson”   I inserted the link in the comment.

It didn’t take long for hittail hits to show there were a number of people that indeed did want to see a larger version and came to the photo blog.

The same can be done when an image is the focus of a blog post.   Submitting that image to the photo gallery and leaving a comment on the image “For more information on this topic . . .”   You get the idea.

Don’t Be Spammy About It

“A little wine does the stomach good” said the Apostle Paul, but we all know too much wine and . . .   The same hold true for what I’m saying here.   Don’t put gratuitous links on every image you submit.   It will do your reputation more harm than all the backlinks you can garner.   But when it is appropriate (most of you know when that is) then by all means do it.

Building Relationships

I’ve met a whole new group of people through the Gallery Group at the Arizona Daily Star.   I’m going to be doing a presentation of “Using HDR in post processing of Image” in May.   I’ve been on one photo walk with the group to the San Pedro river and Milltown near Tombstone, AZ.   I haven’t passed out cards or tried to sell anyone a house.   I have met some really nice people and have passed out a few card “Because they asked for them”.

I haven’t looked into the TV stations here.   I know they accept viewer submitted photos.   I’m sure they allow comments.     I don’t know about links in comments or profiles.   But it is a common practice now to provide the ability to do so in each.

Check out your local media outlets Newspapers and Television stations and see if they allow you to register, set up a profile and submit images.   Even if you can’t put links in comments it is worth the effort to market yourself in a way not commonly done   (Your face isn’t on a park bench, bus bench or grocery cart)

Take a few minutes and check out your local media outlets and see if you can setup a profile, submit images, and possible even write blog post.   It is another great way to build quality one way backlinks to your blog.


  1. Dave,

    Related to this, here is a recent article I wrote, which has not yet been published, but since it ties in so nicely with your post, I thought I would first share it here:

    Expanding the Realtor Reach – Five Free Building Blocks to Fast Forward Future Sales

    Realtors don’t need to be reminded how competitive it is to gain new clients, nor do they need to be reminded how the recent economic turmoil affects local transaction activity. Instead, well-healed Realtors are better served focusing on the future and how they can progressively promote their skill sets to attract and retain new clients. Below are five free building blocks to expand the Realtor’s reach and gain new clients:

    Website – Okay, this may be a bit obvious, but let this be your core – your foundation for the building blocks that follow. Make sure it presents well, personifies your abilities, showcases your listings, and conveys confidence.

    Blog – Consider the website your formal business card and your blog is the less formal conversation you have as you exchange business cards. Make sure you have something good to say. Chronicle a unique experience. Feature timely information about the local market that only you know best. Feel free to provide tasteful links to your listings, but don’t dilute your blog with that (admittedly important) content. Instead, let that content reside on your website. If your reader likes what you share in your blog, then they will find you and your listings on your website.

    Facebook – A nifty profile with lots of friends just isn’t enough. Instead, create a fan page and encourage all your friends and past clients to “fan” you. Using this platform, broadcast recent listings (with links, of course), sales, recent blog posts, open houses, and all other meaningful activity.

    Twitter – Twitter is now the medium where news breaks first. Think of it as your personal news room. Create an account, follow only those who interest you most (not the whole planet), and encourage your clients and prospective clients to follow you. After all, this is the platform you will use to broadcast the latest listings – in most cases before they surface anywhere else. This is your chance to get a leg-up on the competition. Do not underestimate the power of this free resource!

    Village Voyage – The Internet is an abyss of information and you’ve worked hard to build your brand. Tie it all together with Village Voyage. Similar to Wikipedia, Village Voyage is a wiki and anyone can participate. Think of it as your on-line cocktail party with many different conversations all centered around your community, your target audience, your clients. Create a Village Voyage page to further expand your online presence, while at the same time, taking advantage of the opportunity to add valuable back-links to your website, blog, and other online pages. Beyond that, be bold. Use Village Voyage to meet new clients, build credibility, and differentiate yourself by demonstrating your local market knowledge and expertise.

  2. Pat,

    Thanks for the great resources and information. If you haven’t published this yet, you might want to do so before this comment gets indexed by Google and your post is viewed as supplemental content.

  3. Thanks, I checked out and will start submitting there. Looks like a great resource.

  4. Dave,

    Thanks for the tip on I had never heard of it and just checked it out and signed up. Looks like this site has some great potential.

  5. Dave, thanks for the post. I’ve spent so much time on the basics of my website that I’ve really neglected the long-tail stuff. I just get so busy I sometimes don’t know where to turn. Recently I noticed many of the pictures on my site in the Google images center. Then I started noticing some of my traffic was coming from those very pictures. As I have slowly found various placed to build links, write articles, do press releases, and so on, I see people slowly finding me from a ton of different venues. I thought only Google results would bring me business but my traffic tells another story. Great post and so true. Traffic can come from so many avenues so don’t neglect them.

  6. James Wheelock says


    How do you keep up with it all? I seem to stay behind the curb compared to the likes of you, Eric, Jay, and others. You guys some how find time to sell real estate, regularly put up quality content and keep up with all the more popular social platforms. Anyways thanks for this post I had no idea that outsid in existed. I will look into it and want to give you Kudos for putting out helpful stuff.

  7. Great informsation. is a new for me as well.

    Something else I’ve found helpful is writing article and posting them on your blog as well as in place like

    As far as posting on Craigslist I don’t think you will get credit for the backlink as ads on Craigslist automatically have nofollow links so the search engines wont follow them.

  8. Gary,

    There are backlinks for juice and there are backlinks for traffic. Great backlinks generate both. But don’t discount the quality of a link because it has a no-follow in it.

    Some companies will still buy links even if the stipulation is a no-follow on the link. Why? because it can still bring what they really want. Targeted traffic in search/need of services offered.

    It isn’t about SEO, seo is an ends to a means. If you can get there with a no-follow you have achieved the desired end result.

  9. Thanks for the excellent tips. I have been looking for this information for a while, backlinks are the only way!

  10. Its hard to juggle current real estate deals and SEO. I find myself blogging and working on SEO when I’m slow, and rarely doing it when I’m swamped. I’m trying to find the balance.

    @Gary- Always include a link to your site and/or blog on Craigslist adds. I always include a line like this “for more information and photos of this home, visit (a link to my website). Craigslist allows html. It doesn’t give you any back-link juice, but you’ll get great buyer leads!

  11. I find that creating links that connect my pages (in a natural, unspammy way) does a lot for me. Also, writing blogs on other sites that link (naturally) to my site work well. I will have to check into the local media sites like you suggested, thanks!

  12. I love the idea of photos that point back to your Real Estate site. This can be such a natural fit for real estate agents build a hyper-local search presence. At REtechSouth Teresa Boardman and Jeff Turner gave some excellent examples (in their panel) of how photos can turn into back-links and branding–pictures as varied as Mojitos to Foreclosure Signs.

    My first time visiting–great blog!

  13. is definately new to me also. I agree that quality links are important. I follow this blog quite consistently and it seems like you imply that commenting on dofollow blogs are NOT quality backlinks? Then above it says that you shouldn’t “discount it.”

    Scott ´s last blog post..Solve this real estate mystery crime

  14. Scott,

    What I’m saying is “Do the Math” for ROI, the time spent getting a one way link with juice from a site like is almost a sure thing.

    Leaving a comment on a blog post, that might never, NEVER have Juice, meaning PR0 then consider the juice of a PR1 post is spread to all the links on that page. Blogroll, other comments, links in the post itself. Maybe, maybe, your comments gets 1 1 millionth of a drop of juice.

    Do the Math.

    Commenting to get known, commenting so other will read it and want to click on your info because they want to read more of what you have to say, those are good reasons to leave comments on RE Blogs. But seeking out Do Follow blogs so you can get back-links is IMO a total waste of time. More to the point, when I know that is what is going on. There is a good chance I won’t simply delete that comment I’ll throw it in the spam filter. Enough bloggers do the same and it is of to Askimet Jail, do not pass go, do not collect any juice.

  15. It is time consuming,but I am going to give it a try. Here are some other places to get sure links back to yourself.