Building a Google Trustbox

Google Trust boxThe discussion of the Google Sandbox goes on and on. Some say it doesn’t exist, other say it does most certainly exist. Lately I’ve read some are calling it the Trustbox and not a Sandbox.

Trustbox makes sense. I think you can build a Google Trustbox and put all your websites and blogs in the Trustbox so they will get found quickly on Google.

I built a Google Trustbox and didn’t even know it.

You too can build your own Trustbox and avoid the dreaded Sandbox once it is built.

The Google Sandbox

Many have explained the sandbox I won’t go into detail. Link Building Blog gives a good history of the Sandbox “Secrets to Beating the Sandbox. . .”

The Google Trustbox

Interesting thought and if this is the case and I’m beginning to think it is. There is a great way to establish new websites inside the trustbox.

Trust – The Creature or The Creator

Here is a real advantage to having complete control of your hosting and domains.

The website is often what is quoted as having authority, Google Juice as it is often referred, but I wonder if this isn’t a misunderstanding of what Google is doing which leads to some confusion related to the “Google Dance”.

What if it is the author of the site or sites that has established trust with Google and not the individual sites?

  • It is the author that sets up the account/accounts.
  • It is the author that submits the sitemap.
  • It is the author that controls the robot text for the Googlebots.
  • It is the author that verifies the website/blog.
  • It is the author that is responsible for clean easy to follow code.
  • It is the author that makes sure the code is W3C compliant.
  • It is the author that continues to add quality content.
  • It is the author that creates the SEO for the site/sites.

The author is the one that establishes and maintains trust with Google.

I am the author, the creator, and I have a trusted site based on everything mentioned above. I create another creature, a new site. This new creature is verified by the author with Google. The new site is born inside the trustbox.

Building The Trustbox 10 Steps

Avoiding the sandbox in the future requires building a trustbox in the first place. This takes time, six month to a year, but done right you can put all your future web and blog sites in the trustbox.

All the building materials are mentioned above. The best order is:

  1. Build your website using CSS with as few tables as possible.
  2. Make sure all the pages on your site will validate using W3C Validator.
  3. Set the meta tags and titles for each page specific to the content on the page. Don’t just have “Blah, Blah City Real Estate for all your real estate needs” at the top of every page.
  4. Get a good hosting company providing you with complete access to your databases, 404 redirect, and htaccess file.
  5. Create a robot text file once you have your hosting set up.
  6. Get a Google account set up.
  7. Verify your site with Google.
  8. Upload a valid xml sitemap to your Google account.
  9. Keep uploading a new sitemap file whenever you make additions to your site. I try and upload a new sitemap file at least once a week.
  10. Track your Google Diagnostics. If Google can’t find a page or a link, fix it.
  11. Add a blog if the site isn’t one, and create new content regularly.

OK, I threw in an extra one. Maybe I should have titled this section:
10 + 1 Steps to building a Google Trustbox.
When you add new sites, do the same as above. Google will know it is yours when you add it to your account and verify the site as yours. You will be amazed how quickly your new site will move up in the organic searches.

Trustbox Odds and Ends

open trustboxBuy your domains when you think of them, not when you need them. Keywords in the domain name itself is another way to help get organic rankings going quicker. I’ve owned some good domain names for more than a year before building sites for them. If you have hosting then create a directory and point the new domain to it. All you need is a single page with content and the things mentioned above for it to start getting some attention from Google. This isn’t a requirement. I’ve also bought names and created sites right away. But it can help get you PR building for the home page. If you have the trustbox built it won’t take long to be found.

The new blog Oro Valley Real Estate is an example of a site started in a Google Trustbox. I’ll be writing about the first three weeks of birth hopefully this week. It is a site born in the Google Trustbox I built with our first site Tucson Real Estate and Tucson Real Estate in The News.

Yep, a do it yourself plug and links. Build, Build Build.


  1. shaun mclane says

    sometimes you read something, and it comes to you at the EXACT perfect time. Thanks for this post. I came out of the sandbox about 2 weeks ago, so feeling much better these days. I have over 300 domain names, but I just have them pointing to my main site – not hosted, just redirecting. GoDaddy lets me share hosting across as many sites as I want. Guess it makes a hell of a lot more sense to throw up some splash page with a link to the redirect page. Thank you for the info!

  2. Shaun,

    Yes it does, I’ve read somewhere that Google doesn’t really like having a lot of domains all redirected to a single domanin, the splash pages will help and start ageing those domains for you if you want to activate anyone of them in the future.

    Wow, I thought I had a lot of domain names with 40.

  3. shaun mclane says

    Well, I went on a shopping spree one day and bought everything that came to mind. I’m dreading the day they are renewed. lol

  4. Dave,

    This is a great way to think about it and it actually makes a lot of since. That might also explain why our other sites have ranked decent immediately. Thanks for the post, explanation and tips.

  5. Now thats a list! I’m not sure I have trust, new site, but I’ll get it there.

  6. The very first site I ever made I was in the sandbox big time…but every site since I’ve appeared in the SERPs very quickly…so what you are saying makes perfect sense.

  7. Yup..Great info once again. I enjoy reading your blog. I am working on 3 sites using different approaches. I want to see which one by using your advice is most SEO friendly

  8. @Scott – Scott,

    Great please be sure to give us all an update in a few months to let us know how it is going.


  9. As much as you want to direct the focus from Google Sandbox and on to the TrustBox, you can’t help mentioning the sandbox’s core trigger and solution – SE trust.
    This is a great point you’ve touched. Seems Google automatically expands a site’s credibility to the webmaster’s G account.

    Thanks for the different perspective! Let us know how your new site is floating in the SERPs 🙂

    .-= Cristian´s last blog ..Reciprocal Links. Steering Clear of one SEO Controversy =-.

  10. Cristian,

    This post is now almost 3 years old. A lot has changed since it was written. It seems Google indexes sites faster these days, and allows more initial content than it did back in April 2007.

    I’ve not seen a new site go in the sandbox in the past year and I’ve built several for people that don’t have a webmaster account. (Even though I always recommend they set one up and use it).

    I do think building a good solid relationship with Google and keeping above board on SEO is the best strategy.

    Thanks for dropping by the Lab.


  11. Maybe this proves your SEO expertise 🙂

    If built properly right from the very first day, the site can’t qualify for being sandboxed.

    These days I hear about G’s Sandbox more like a penalty tool then as a probation period for new sites. New sites by definition can’t rank well in the first months of existence.

    Thanks for considering a reply, David!

    .-= Cristian´s last blog ..Reciprocal Links. Steering Clear of one SEO Controversy =-.

  12. Cristian,

    I’ve seen new sites rank on page 1 in a couple of weeks. But it depends on what they are about. Real Estate, forget it. HDR Photography, as soon as they are indexed. Find a small vertical market and you can rank very quickly.

    Try it, create a site “The care and feeding of your pet Yak” and see if you don’t rank #1 in Google in less than a month.


  13. Correct!
    .-= Cristian´s last blog ..Reciprocal Links. Steering Clear of one SEO Controversy =-.


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