Bluehost and CloudFlare

UPDATE: I’ve turned off CloudFlare

I had a dedicated IP address for the site mentioned below. I wasn’t paying close enough attention to all the details of turning on CloudFlare. It should have been obvious, but I missed it. Cloudflare assigns your site to a different IP address on their servers. Yes, I gained some speed, but according to my Woopra analytics I was loosing page views. Google Analytics not as much but still a lose. This morning that main site has gone from page 1 to page 5. I’ve checked Webmaster tools right away, the site has a clean bill of health and no issues or penalties. In 5 years that site has not been off page 1, it has weathered all the Google Updates. Honestly, I don’t know what the issue is, or if it is a fluke. But the only thing that had changed of any significance was adding the site to the Cloudflare network.

I still have a couple of sites that don’t have dedicated IP addresses still on Cloudflare, but for now, I’m keeping the main site with its old dedicated IP address and hope it will bounce back soon.

cloudflareIf you are hosting your site/sites with Bluehost you should have received an email last week about CloudFlare being available.  I was traveling the next couple of day so I didn’t have time initially to see what this service had to offer.

I turned the option on from the Cpanel and and activated it on a couple of my smaller sites.  Then checked the difference in Page Speed etc.

Finally I went to my main sites hosting panel and activated it there.  My benchmark for Page Speed is 90.  That’s the minimum I want to have.  I’m usually between 89 and 92 tops for the homepage.  I’ve optimized the site in about every way that I thought would get a little more speed from it.  Therefore, I thought this would be the best site to see what effect CloudFlare would have since it was already highly optimized.

Page Speed TAZRE

I used a new plugin to measure the PageSpeed and Yslow rating.  Needless to say, I’m quite pleased with the results from CloudFlare.

Finally, you might now see these types of results.  Why?  Because it can’t resolve bad optimization.  What it can do is add a boost to a well tuned site.


  1. Thanks for the insight re cloudflare, it helps significantly wit respect to optimizing our own websites

  2. I did not know this about Cloudflare. I was not using it yet, but I know others that are. I will let them know the problem with this.