Bloodhound Scenius in a Widget


While helping get a Bloodhound Senius Widget up and running using the Fun With Widgets Plugin we discovered there is a conflict between that plugin and the Thesis theme.

I recently ran across another plugin (My Custom Widget) which I decided to try and I like it much better. It is easier to get your Senius widget code up and running in your sidebar with the My Custom Widget.   It isn’t that hard to figure out. (Well maybe)   If you want you can check out the detailed post on My Custom Widget for Your Custom Blog.

I have to confess, I often don’t understand much of what Greg Swann is saying. I don’t know what a Scenius is and Praxis is either an exploding moon which was the Klingon Empire’s prime source of dilithium or something I go to the chiropractor to get put back in place.

I’ve read all the posts about Scenius several times and I don’t know what it is yet. I think it is a pretty cool piece of code and when I went to put it in my sidebar (which is widgetized) I found I could put it at the top or at the bottom, but I couldn’t place it in the list of widgets to get it in the sidebar where I wanted it to appear; till today.

If you have a widgetized theme and use those widgets you probably have never even thought about editing the sidebar.php file.   Many RE bloggers aren’t comfortable editing those files for fear of breaking their blog and theme.   However, most will add a widget to the sidebar using the widget functions under design in the newer versions of WordPress.

Fun With Theme Widgets

I found a new plugin for building Theme widgets called Fun With Theme Widgets

This is a pretty cool plugin all on it’s own.   Activate the plugin create a yourwidgetname.widget.php file and put it in your current theme directory. When you go into Design, Widgets you will see your newly created widget in the list.   Drag the widget where you want it to appear and save the changes.   That is all there is to it.

Since starting this post I’ve learned more about the process of using Scenius and what it is doing.   It is very creative and a good way to syndicate quality local content.   Please Note I’m not talking about splogging local content. I”m talking about providing links to local content of interest to the readers on your blog, even if some of that content might be from another local RE blog.

I’ve created two widgets ready to be placed in your theme directory once you unzip them. One for Scenius and one for Phoenix Headlines.

If you have been wanting to try the Scenius code but weren’t sure how to get it into your widgetized theme this process should make it much simpler.

(UPDATE:) You can use the Delicious Widget in ways you can’t use Scenius code.   Again, this is a learning process and the more I learn about the Scenius process it is nothing like the Delicious Widget.   Like comparing apples to oranges.   They are both fruit and there the similarities end.   Scenius is just getting rolling and like any tool, used properly it will be of great value, used improperly it has potential for misuse.   But then again so does a lot of tech tools we use everyday.   I still use email but hate the spam that comes in.   Scenius scene is still being painted.

The Delicious Widget

The Delicious Widget does something similar in this sense.   I install the widget and tell it what tag to be looking for to display in the sidebar.   Anytime I find an article or post on the web that fits that tag I tag it with my special tag and it shows up in my delicious widget on the sidebar.

Not the same process, but very similar results.   You can read all about the plugin in an earlier post “Using the delicious plugin“.

However,   I have a feeling there is more to the Scenius scene than we have yet scene.   Being able to put future revelations and manifestations in widgets should be beneficial to Scenius end users.


  1. Hey Dave! I would like to create a widget for WP using my own Scenius. Can you provide a bit of insight into how I do this? Looked at the plugin, but am a bit lost.

  2. Kevin,

    Download and install the Fun with theme widgets from the link above.

    download the Phoenix headlines zip file which contains the code for the senius code for the phoenix headlines.

    Create your own Scenius code.

    You can then copy that code into the Phoenix Headline file replacing the existing code with your code. Change the heading to whatever you want for your widget.

    You can edit this in Notepad. Once it is done copy it to the directory in which the theme you are using on your blog exists. Ex. Cutline theme, put the new php file in your Cutline theme directory under wp-content/themes/Cutline/

    Go into the theme widgets and you should find your new Senius widget ready to put in your sidebar.

    The short cut version. Do the first step installing the Fun with theme widgets plugin and activate it.

    Create your Senius code.

    Email me the code.

    I’ll create the widget php file for you and you can ftp it to your theme directory.

  3. Hey Dave! Will send you the code ASAP. Question, think the Fun with Widget plugin may not be 2.7 ready?

  4. Kevin,

    All my sites are WP 2.7 It is working fine.

    I can’t send you any code till you create the Scenius code yourself then send it to me. Once you do that I can put that code in a .php file and email it back to you.

  5. Hey Dave – Gotcha: Here is my Scenius Code. I have the plugin installed on my blog.

  6. Kevin,

    All That I got was a begin Scenius and End Scenius There wasn’t any code in side.

    Can you provide the URL to the Scenius site where you created your code?

  7. Dave – have you played around with the WordPress PHP widget plugin? I find that it works fine – even with the Thesis theme, which I run over at my FloridaMortgageBlogger blog. However, it does not play nice with all formatting for the Scenius headers (titles). Though, this may be a php code issue inherent in the scene and not w/ the plugin.

  8. Kevin,

    I haven’t, since running into My Custom Widget I’ve not even looked at another plugin to create custom widgets. This thing is an amazing plugin and I’m using it on a variety of blogs since discovering it.

  9. Kevin Sandridge says

    Dave – awesome. I’ll have to check that plugin out again. 🙂