Blog Lab Seemed to Have a Cold

A Lab Cold

The Lab Had a Cold

Please note, I’m not saying it had a virus. IT DID NOT. It had a cold. A cold I gave it while trying to nurse it back to health.

Typical isn’t it. Break something while trying to fix it.

Last night the lab was running the slowest I had ever seen it run. There were comments waiting for moderation, but they wouldn’t go away no matter what I did. Approve, still there, Delete, still there, then some were there a couple of times. It was like waiting for paint to dry.

Not much sleep last night wondering what to do with my sick kid. This morning a fresh reboot and my baby was still very sick.

Diagnosing the issue is often harder than the treatment itself. I thought about upgrading from 2.6 to 2.6.2. I backed up the database using the WP backup plugin. It took 30 minutes to do what usually takes 30 sec. That was when I decided the issues were probably in the MYSQL database itself.

During the recent upheaval I created a new MYSQL database on my other hosting package and attached the Lab to it. Not much changed, at first. But it seemed to have some flacky behavior (more than usual). After that long backup this morning I:

  1. Went to the hosting MYSQL database and did a backup at the hosting level
  2. Went to the hosting site where the rest of the lab files reside and created a new MYSQL 5.0 database
  3. Restored the data backup from the slow DB to the new DB on the hosting package where the lab files reside
  4. Changed the wp-config.php file to point it to the new DB and it was like turbo charging the Lab.

Time to Upgrade to 2.6.2

What the heck, why would I want to sit back and enjoy the new speed. I downloaded 2.6.2 and (no I didn’t install it at the Lab) I have my new guinea pig site For Now REal Reason which got the upgrade first. It was already on 2.6.1 and required no upgrade to function. Everything there looked good so it was time to pull the string and upgrage the Lab.

I’m now writing this after that upgrade. I just did a save of this post and was returned to the editor in 10 seconds.

I don’t know if it was slow because of the use of two hosting packages to get the data together in one browser, or if it was just a fluke to start with and there was corruption in the database. Whatever the cause all seems to be functioning better now.

I hope for all who are leaving comments or browsing around the Lab you will see an improvement in function.

Now it’s time to quit messing with the Lab setup (for today : ) and get on to some useful stuff in RE blogging.


  1. This is strange, did you get to find out what was the problem with the slow db ?? I run several wp blogs and I never had any problems with the mysql database, especially something like that (without you even changing it)
    anyways its a good thing its working fine now, btw what does kleenex have to do with this post ?? 😉


  2. Ismail,

    I’m thinking it might have had something to do with the different settings in the two hosting packages. The one with the DB was set to use PHP 5 and MYSQL 5 All the blogs on that package are set the same and work fine.

    The lab files are on a package still using PHP 4 and the DB was set up on the other package. This might have caused an issue depending on how GoDaddy has those MYSQL databases set to be configured for PHP.

    As to the Kleenex. LOL The Lab had a COLD, so I put a box of Kleenex in the post : )