Blog Lab running WP 3.0.1 Finally

This is what I describe as a “Housekeeping” post.   It is just an update on a few topics discussed in recent (and some not so recent) posts.

Adding the New Functionality

I had mentioned a while back that the Lab was behind on updates.   I’ve been sitting at 2.9.2 for some time.   The main reason, I have 67 active plugins running at the Lab.   Some of those are pretty old and I wasn’t sure they would survive the upgrade to 3.0.   I finally decided yesterday to make the upgrade.   I’m always tempted to take the shortcut with my own sites.   The shortcut being, Hit the auto update and let the chips fall where they may.   (It is a moment of weakness, laziness that I think hits all of us from time to time.

Instead I decided to treat myself as I would a client.   I backed up the database three different ways.   I eliminated some old plugins that have been sitting there inactive or never used.   I backed up the theme files, and then I hit the auto update.   It took about 15 seconds and said it was “successful”.   I’ve seen that before.   Then when you try and view the site, or log in the giant GOTTCHA! jumps up and you scramble to get the site back.   (I always have my FTP client open to the files when I upgrade so I can get things moving in the “One Step Back” if I need it.

Plugin capabilities with 3.0

There are so many plugins now taking advantage of 3.0 features that I have been hesitant to upgrade plugins as well.   And I found a few I wanted to try that required 3.0 or higher to be installed.   This was the extra motivation I needed to go ahead and move the site to 3.0.1.

The CTab plugin I wrote about yesterday was one that said it was compatible with older versions but it wouldn’t work.   I tried it on one of my 3.0.1 sites and it worked as stated.   Once the upgrade was complete the plugin worked fine.

So, if you’ve been putting of that upgrade it is time to get it done.   (NOTE:   from 2.9.2 it shouldn’t be an issue, but if you are coming from the wayback 2.3 to 2.6 you really need to have backups of all your files).

Now I have a message saying I have 30 plugins waiting for an update.   I should get to those today.   One at a time, or mass upgrade?   The lazy way, mass, the prudent way one at a time.


  1. Dave do you use a local server to test these things before taking the plunge?

  2. Do you have a list of the best plugins you like to use?

    Russ Fielden
    Southern Coast Realty
    Beaufort SC

  3. Russ,

    Great question. There are two posts on plugin choices here at the Lab, but as with everything they have aged and I don’t consider them relevant today.

    I speak a lot about plugins at REBarCamps and other conferences and gatherings. The list changes often. There are some that I continue to use over the years, but some of the newer ones have some great features and capabilities.

    Best Plugins depends on best for what? It depends on what you are trying to accomplish with your WP site. I probably should give a list of some of my favorites at the moment. But one I’ll list for you right now that is my must have is OZH Admin dropdown menu. It is the first plugin I install. When working on someones site I install it then give them the option of keeping or removing. It makes moving around the admin dashboard much faster.