Bling on a Blog

schoolPlease put the shiny objects down and return to solid blogging habits.

So much of the web is cookie cutter in design and function. I’m not into a lot of bling on a blog. My rule of thumb is: “If it blinks its gone” If a tiny person suddenly walks on my screen and starts talking to me they are quickly X’d and will never again be on my monitor.

Yeah a Slide Show

for saleYou want a flash slide show. Okay, are you willing to pay the price for it? There’s a price? There is always a price. It does depend on how the slide show is called. But repeated calls going out to the images is one thing that can slow down your site for someone on a slow connection. Unless you are running a photo blog people are coming for information not for a slide show.

Let me put this in perspective for you. Remember when you would go to a relatives for dinner and after dinner they would drag out the albums, slide projector and screen, or hours and hours of home movies? Do you remember how you felt like you had just been ambushed?

That’s the kind of experience you could be creating for those coming to “your house” website.

If it is small, in the header or sidebar, Okay.   Better yet, used in an occasional   post about an event or place.   The slide shows in a post will eventually migrate off the home page.   The ones in the header . . .   at least update the images from time to time.

Is Your Site a Vegas Strip Club

for sale birdWe all love the blinking flashing “You Win” stuff that Pops UP when we go to certain sites.   Believe it or not I still see stuff like that on real estate websites.   I find a lot of it on Active Rain accounts, but at least there it is pretty isolated from people looking for real content.   Active Rain is more like a community forum supporting RE agents like a chat room.   IMHO.   Please, no gif animations, no java script motion or active X applications to throw warning signs at the people you are trying to attract to you through your site.

Commodore 64 Music

Oh, yeah, the organ grinder, video game music is still around on some RE Agent sites.   I do enjoy the nostalgic second when my mind is thrown back to early video games on the Commodore 64.   But after the millisecond has passed, I’m hitting the back button during the second millisecond and bookmarking the site as BANNED FOR LIFE during the third.

Where To Put It

If you want to have any of this stuff on your site.   Get a different site from your business site and put it all there.   Have as much fun as you want.   All the cute birds moving, school busses flashing and organ sounding music can live together in peace and black light poster harmony.   Flash a FREE FREE FREE CMA to your hearts content.

Happy April First 🙂


  1. I loved this post. Very well-written and highly entertaining! It’s hard to believe so many people are still breaking so many of the most basic website design rules. I’d like to know how to add a bookmark that “bans a site for life” – I’ve run across sites like those from time to time.

  2. Jolenta,

    It is quite easy if you are using Firefox for your browser. Do a search you know will return the web address for the offending site. Now click on that box with the X in it. You will never see that site returned in your search results again. “Banned for Life” or as long as you are using FF as your browser. It works for Flock and Google Chrome as well. : )

  3. Hey, thanks Dave! I never realized that’s what that little ‘x’ was for. Now tell me, what’s the up arrow (promote) button for? Is that like saying you like the site or does it actually make it appear higher in the search results the next time you search?

  4. Jolenta,

    Yes, it does. BUT DON’T EVER USE IT! Here is why. The first day these new symbols appeared I didn’t know what they were, I clicked the up arrow on my blog in the search results.

    The end result, I could never see how my site was really ranking because it always promoted my site to the top of “My Results”. It literally took me weeks to find where I could delete that file that put my site at the top of results.

    It creates an artificial return for you. If you are only an end user who always wants to find their favorite site if it is returned in a search then the little up arrow will guarantee it. But for we bloggers trying to see how our site it doing, it is death by egotism.

  5. You know what? I suspected that’s how it probably works so I’ve never touched it – and I never will! Thanks for the heads-up though. I’m sure anyone could easily make the same mistake.

  6. Haha Jolenta, I hear you – I run into sites like that every day.

    Oh well, just remember to place a cookie in your head and never return there!

  7. Thank you for yoiur advice. There is nothing worse than being on “hold” on a phone call and having to listen to some horrible music that is even poorer in quality. The same holds true for websites. If I want to listen to music, I’ll listen to something that I enjoy. And, how I do hate the other interruptions on web sites. Less is better when it comes to bling and websites.