Beginning the Year on a Binary Note


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Enter The New Year

In the Land of Geek Speak, we all know that everything done in computing is either a 1 or a 0.  That is what all of our typing, images, documents, anything we send or do with a computer or on the internet is reduced to a series of 1’s and 0’s.  In the early days when memory was small on computers we would code down to the bit.  That’s right, the bit,  16 bits to the byte, and we would change a single bit.  Now memory is cheap and we use object oriented programming.  No longer do we code, compile and see what it looks like.  Now we drag and drop.

How things have changed.  The King of Code bloat is Microsoft.  The antithesis of this now seems to be Google.  Why would Google champion this cause of smaller, faster is better? Because they are trying to manage all the data of the entire world.  Microsoft did it for the PC.  Their answer to everything was More.  More memory, More hard drive space.  But Google is working to deliver all of the content of the world over a network that is seeing more and more demand put on it daily.

Here we go into the next 10 years.  The tidal wave of 1’s and 0’s being pushed over the net isn’t about to slow.  It will continue to grow, larger and larger.  The question is when is there so much data the system can’t handle it.  We could find out in the next 10 years.  How “scalable” is the world of data communication?

Google is the Pied Piper

We are the rats, LOL.  The Piper says it is time to reduce the bloat, loose the weight we push through the net and get slimmed down.  The new emphasis for Geeks writing code is back to where it all began.  Keep it lean, Make it small, Make it fast.

For those of us as Geek end users, the Piper has sent out the message, it might not be clear to all yet.  But it is clear, the buzz word from the Big G is Small, Faster.

I for one am ready.  I’m tired of sites that take 10 seconds to load.  I’m tired of all the widgets, and ads, and shiny blinking crap that is being pushed to my browser.  I’m ready.

It means I have to do a lot more work than in the past.  It means I might have to sacrifice some things I like and weigh how valuable some of my favorite plugins and widgets are to those coming to the Lab and my other blogs.

We often begin a New Year by cleaning out closets, and leaning down our own baggage/poundage.  Now is a good time to do the same for our blogs and websites.  What do you say?  Ready to dig in and make some changes?


  1. I’ll definitely be looking at slimming down my website as much as possible. Matt Cutts recently said that load time is going to be a huge factor this year. BTW happy new year!
    .-= Justin Bartlett´s last blog ..How Can a Loan Modification Help Me? =-.

  2. Justin,

    Don’t believe the rumors. Can you show me where Matt said this is going to be a BIG issue. I would appreciate someone finding this for me.

  3. … And everyone said I was crazy.. Here it is Dave: — Yes, site loading time is now a factor in your google rankings.. Not a huge one, but still a factor! Love the site btw; I really want to incorporate something like what you have on the bottom of your site only with the buddypress toolbar.. Any thoughts?!
    .-= Justin Bartlett´s last blog ..CCO Mortgage & Citizens Bank Loan Modification =-.

  4. Justin,

    Thanks for the link, I’m glad Matt added this:

    In fact, if you read the official blog post, you’ll notice that the current implementation mentions that fewer than 1% of search queries will change as a result of incorporating site speed into our ranking.

    It won’t be a huge factor. But, I hope it has had the desired effect. What’s that? To get everyone off their lazy butts with slow sites and take a look at what can be done to make them load faster. Which is better for all of us and better for Google.

    Thanks for finding this.

    As to what’s at the bottom of the site. There are just a couple of divs there hardcoded with categories. I’ve done very little with BuddyPress. I don’t know what the toolbar is, so can’t be much help there.


  5. 21 == 010110. As the resident geek in my household, I too can’t stand a lot of the crap and clutter – especially the blinking red ads – I’m the 1,000,000th visitor… really, wow. However, I seriously doubt that we are going to see smaller, EVER. (with the possible exception of having a quick loading wrapper page with dynamically loaded junk — can’t dynamically load the real content or the search engines wouldn’t see it.)

    What we will see are more plugins to the browsers, e.g., Firefox, that kill advertisements – my 10-yr old son is trying to out-geek me and showed me that one. What TiVo did to television advertisements, plugins will do for web spam.

  6. Bob,

    It will be interesting. For the most part the pop-up blockers take care of most ads for me. It the eye candy bling sites that really hurt.