Background Management Make The Site a Slider

I used to go to the hardware store for ideas.  I loved the challenge of making something out of things that weren’t ever intended to be used in this particular way, but work great.  Now I troll for plugins and code snippets that can be applied to a real estate blog, but were never really intended for real estate blogging.

The Background Management plugin is a wealth of options that can easily be applied to a real estate blog.  A quick summary of what is possible:

  1. Create sets of background slideshows
  2. Use an individual image or slideshow on individual pages/posts
  3. Use images from a post or page as the background images
  4. Set the image sizes to full screen or normal, center if you wish or tile
  5. Custom CSS for each background set you create
  6. Set a background color instead of images for the background
  7. Multiple options for transitions, overlays, transition duration, opacity, etc.
  8. Make background images click able to a separate link
  9. Add a pin it button to your background images
  10. Prevents right click on background images

Custom backgrounds per post

This post is using a custom background image set.  They are images from my recent trip to Irvine with one Arizona sunset thrown in for measure.  (I’m still in Irvine).  I also use custom css with this post.  The site title is ordinarily black and so is the top navigation options.  The background for the post area is clear, but since the site background is white you wouldn’t know that.  This post sets the title, description and navigation to white.  It adds a transparent white background to the post sections so the background images show through lightly.  Go to any other post and the site switches back to its original color styles.

The Genesis based theme allows me to set a page template of sidebar left, sidebar right or full-width (no sidebar)  I get great flexibility in how content can be presented to the viewer.

How does this apply to Real Estate

I can think of a couple of good ways off the top of my head.

Community focus page

Make the background images photos from the community you are writing about in the post or page.  Then select this set of images for that post.  You can add the community images to a gallery to make them easy to add titles and descriptions as well using native WordPress or NextGen Galleries.

Listing Pages

Add as many exterior or interior mages as backgrounds for the listing post.  You could also simply set the background to a single color, ex. black to show a gallery of listing photos.  Black makes a great background color for viewing photos.

Map or Chart Pages

Make a background image for this that is a combination of maps and charts or simply an old world map or community map as a background then set custom colors for the Post title and a custom background color for the post content area.  Make it stand out.

Landing Pages

Need I say more about how you can make very unique landing pages?

I’m sure there are more ways to apply this Background feature in other real estate related situations.  Make your posts truly unique.  Take some time to learn Background Managements options and you will have a great tool for your real estate blog.

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