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Outdoor Urinal and Sink  Experiencing the Great Outdoors

Outdoor Urinal and Sink Experiencing the Great Outdoors

The post about handling Testimonials on your blog included the concept of back posting those testimonials so they would show up in the testimonial category but not show up on the home page.   This way you get the testimonials on the blog but don’t seem to be blowing your own horn in the process.

There is another reason you might want to back post.

Back Dating a New Post

A lot depends on the type of blog and type of readers your blog is designed to attract.   If you want regular readers then you might not want to use back dating of posts.   I’m not talking about back dating a post by a month or year, usually a couple of days will do.

For example.   I have a short post that pertains to a topic that isn’t time related.   I don’t want it on the top of the blog bumping down a post I really want to stay at the top for a day or two at least.   At the same time I want to keep from having gaps in posting.   I try to post every day on my Tucson RE Blog.   Lately, that hasn’t happened (if you are a regular reader of that blog or follow me on Twitter @daveintucson you know I’ve been on grandpa duty for 10 days, which just concluded : )

Everyone gets busy and sometimes you don’t have time to write those posts ahead of time.   For me, filling in those posting gaps is simply a matter of writing an new post and back dating to fill the void.

Those posts are not time sensitive and do contain information valuable to those searching for information about Tucson Real Estate.   There is no reason to publish it when it is written.

Most bloggers don’t think anything of writing a weeks worth of posts on a single day and then publishing them throughout the week.   Going back should be as valid as going forward.

I don’t do it often, but there are times when back dating a new post can be another tool in your blogging toolbox.


  1. Dave, this is a very timely post! Just earlier today I got an idea of how to add some filler content to one my sites to help go after long tail traffic, but I didn’t want these filler posts to get in the way of my real meaty posts. I was thinking I’d have to edit my theme, but after reading this post I just logged in WP and sure enough it gives you the option of picking the date! Great tip…keep um coming.

  2. Dave, this is a bit off topic, but you would know better than me. My Blog runs on a sub domain, of . Does that have any impact on rankings and/or am i supporting the mother site. Thanks, Anthony.

  3. Anthony,

    Your comment was in the spam filter. You might want to check with Askimet about your site being listed as spam.

    As to your question about your site as a subdomain to . Yes, it is a huge impact, a negative one. Even if it were your own site it would be a negative impact to have your blog as a subdomain, but on the one you mention, it is even worse and might be the reason your blog is being put in spam.

  4. Dave, How would I go about making an inquiry on this issue. Do they or will they tell me the issue. I checked there site and I didn’t see anything that metions how to make an inquiry regurding this matter. Thanks, Anthony

  5. Anthony,

    Go to and provide them your information and request to be unblocked.

    Good news, your comment here wasn’t blocked. My taking your comment out of the spam filter might have been all that was needed.

    If you have ever hired a company to do SEO for you that could have lead to a lot of comments on your behalf being put in spam. It does happen.

    You can also post comments on blogs of friends. If you don’t see your comment showing up ask them personally to check their spam directory and remove your comment from spam.

  6. Hi Dave, I am a neophyte when it comes to this stuff. I never had an seo company do anything, as a matter of fact I barley make comments on any blog. On a more important note I hope to have my blog on its own domain soon. However, Its getting the infrastructure together to do so. I appreciate the help.

  7. Anthony,

    You are welcome and once again your comment came right through. It might be a moot point for you.

    There is lots of useful information for you on getting your blog on its own domain.

    If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

  8. I think you mean ‘moot’. 🙂

  9. Jeremy,

    Darn neighbors dog. Yep that’s the one I meant. 🙂

  10. I noticed the guy who helped me setup my blog did this recently. I asked him about it; he’d moved and hadn’t had time to update his blog, but he didn’t want readers to see a huge gap in his posts.

  11. Brandon,

    That is one of the reasons I do it as well.

    Just this morning I had another reason for doing it come to mind.

    I saw a hittail search for “Tucson Median Home Price” I have that in a lot of post but as “Median Sale Price”. I don’t like really short blog posts at the top of the post stream, but I can put a short post on “Tucson Median Home Price Nov 2008” and include a little detail and throw in a picture. Back date it a few post back and I have a short post that answers the question and never appears at the top of the homepage.

  12. we should read more posts like this one…
    thanx to the author

  13. Thanks. This is pretty useful. I have a site that is basically using wordpress for the back end. It seems backdating a post gets it in the system but it won’t show up under “recent posts”. Then I can use it as basically a page. I was messing with trying to make “pages” but just back dating a blog post seems alot easier.

  14. Cool idea! Never thought of it. It’s a nice new shiny tool for my blog toolkit. Thanks!

  15. Dave,

    You really seem to know about blogging for real estate, seo, etc. Can you give me your thoughts on organic ranking of a blog with it’s own domain versus a ?
    I see my own blog ( ) ranking fairly well but a lot of the results are a page where many different wp blogs will appear. Not only mine but others. Does this same thing happen with .org wp ?
    I know there are forums on wp but you are a real estate guy ..
    Thanks for any feedback

  16. John,

    If you want a valuable web presence for business you should use a .org setup. It is self-hosted and more work on your part. But the SEO value and rankings on the search engines will be better with a .org installation.

    It is possible to move your content to a .org structure.

    If you aren’t comfortable with doing this type of installation and maintenance yourself you should check out typepad for hosting. You can port your content there as well.