Fast & Secure vs Gravity Forms

I've used Fast and Secure forms for more than three years.  I loved the interface and flexible functionality the first time I used Fast & Secure.  It has improved over the years.  I continue to use it for all my forms and most of my client Continue Reading

Stop WordPress from adding unwanted break codes

I was recently adding some html code from a source into Wordpress.  The problem, Wordpress kept adding break codes <br /> and messing up the styling on the page.I struggled with this, modified the CSS as a work around and gave up.  Today, I Continue Reading

Simple Full Screen Background Image

There are times when you want a full screen background image that is FULL Screen all the time.  I mean no matter how far out you zoom the image doesn't repeat.No need to create a huge image and then only see part of it at normal viewing sizes.  Continue Reading

WordPress 3.4 Yeah, Get It – NOW

This is by far the most stable upgrade of a WP version I've ever seen.  I usually express caution when going to a major update like 3.4.  I didn't alter my usual practice of upgrading a few sacrificial lambs before upgrading the mother ships of my Continue Reading

In Exchange For This Free Article

Wait, if it is free, there is no exchange, right? Hi, My name is _____ and I work for _________, a provider of high quality, custom content for a wide variety of industries. I was impressed with and can provide you Continue Reading

Nextgen Gallery for Real Estate

I'm  a big fan of Nextgen Gallery.  I know it has it's detractors in the RE community.  It actually requires you to read the instructions and set up the plugin for maximum use of the many features it offers.One of those "features" that RE agents Continue Reading