Plugin Interactions Can Kill You

Medications are supposed to help us heal and get better. However, sometimes one medication will interact with another and the results can be deadly. The pharmacist likes to know all other medications you are taking when they fill a new Continue Reading

Handling Link Removal Requests

We Paid to Manipulate the Search Rankings, Now we are going to BUG you to work for us for FREERecently I've been getting a lot of link removal requests with the same boilerplate content. They all start with something like this: We have Continue Reading

Tabs Accordions & Content

Squelch Tabs and Accordions ShortcodesWeb design is moving rapidly to be responsive, no need for a mobile theme or site. Using a theme that detects the screen size of the viewer and adjusts content accordingly is the current design standard Continue Reading

Background Management Make The Site a Slider

I used to go to the hardware store for ideas.  I loved the challenge of making something out of things that weren't ever intended to be used in this particular way, but work great.  Now I troll for plugins and code snippets that can be applied to a Continue Reading

Real Estate Blog Myth

All They Want to do Is Search For Homes I can't tell you how many conferences I've been to on RE blogging over the past 4 years where the mantra of "All visitors to your site want to search for homes. So you better have listings, listings, listings Continue Reading

Genesis Favicon Uploader

A lot of RE sites are using Genesis platform sites.  One easy way to tell is the G you see as the Favicon when visiting a typical Genesis platform site.Many of us want to use our own custom favicon instead of the Genesis default.  The simplest Continue Reading