Click Here – An Old Practice that Should DIE!

Click here - one of the covered wagons of the web In the very early days of surfing the web (Translated, before search engines)  It was a common practice to use the anchor text of Click Here.  And why not, there was no Bing, Yahoo or Google.  No Continue Reading

WordPress 4.0 Released Today

Logged into the Lab this morning to be greeted with the notice that Wordpress 4.0 was available.  This version release is named "benny" for those keeping track.I decided to pull the switch and see how it looked.It looks good, very stable and Continue Reading

Time to Clean the Theme Closet

Since Twenty Ten was released we on the Wordpress platform have been treated to a new default theme every year.  Which means we now have four default themes and Twenty Fourteen is just around the corner. Update or Else Many times we just leave them Continue Reading

Return to Top

This is has become a very useful link for helping mobile browsers quickly return to the top of the site page. Genesis Return to Top Not Working To its credit, Studiopress added a short code for return to top several years ago.  However, if you are Continue Reading

How is Your Site User Interface?

I'm always looking at the user interface of a site.  I probably spend more time looking at the UI than I do the content.Innovation in UI design is where you can see what is considered "Cutting Edge"  Although sometimes that edge is very dull.  Continue Reading

WordPress 3.6 Media Library Upload Issue with Folders

Since updating to WP 3.6 and 3.6.1  I've noticed a change in the year and month of the folder where media files are being stored.Till this update, media files have always been stored in the current year and month when the upload occurred.  So if Continue Reading