Askimet 2.1.8 Issues

I’ve recently upgraded three blogs to WP 2.6.1.   When I try and do anything with a comment that is flagged spam, I get an error message.

If I check them as not spam an error message appears about not being able to modify a header file.

If I try and delete them SAME MESSAGE.

The workaround has been to go back to version 2.1.6.   Everything functions as it should in that version.

Is anyone else experiencing this same thing with Askimet 2.1.8 ?


  1. I had the same problem with my last upgrade, then I had another notice for an upgrade, once I did the last one (which is 2.1.8), the problem went away. So not sure if they discovered the problem and tried to push it as the same version or what.

  2. Craig,

    What version of WP are you running and did you download the new version of Askimet or use the automatic download and install from the plugin window?

  3. I am running the most current version of both and had no problems when upgrading.

  4. WP 2.6.1, I did do the automatic update from the plugin window.