Are You Losing Sight of Your Site?

Blogging is infectious.   Since I have started blogging the time I spend on developement and new content for our main web site has gradually diminished.   It is a lot easier to write a post, check the spelling, preview it, and hit “Publish”.   It is formatted, tags have been assigned, pings have been sent out and in a few minutes I can see the results of that post come up in a or technorati search on the title.

We live in the age of “NOW”.   Instant messaging, instant soup, instant relationships.   We want it fast and we want it now.   So the quick way to get what you have on your mind to the world is through your blog.

Sometimes I wonder if we need the website? Can’t I do everything with just the blog?

A quick analysis of our web site told me the answer;  we need them both. The web site has a lot of power behind it. It has aged content, stable content, reliable content that is easy to navigate and find whenever anyone needs it.    

1.   Your website  should be a place to come for reference.

2.   It should provide access to the listings available on the local MLS.

3.   It is where the contact and information gathering forms are located.  

4.   It is where the links to the referral network are found, hopefully in a directory.

The website has the content that doesn’t change about your market.   Are you located on the ocean or near the mountains, there is a good chance that isn’t going to change.   Is there a military base near your city or town?   What about national parks, local attractions and activities.   These are all things you can put on your website.  

I like to group searches.   We have some searches based on subdivisions, neighborhoods, communities, gated, age restricted, golf, retirement, etc.   These are all pages on a website, We have a relocation package request form, A dream home finder form, a contact us form.   All of these are on the web site.

I think of our web site as home base, the mother ship, the hub of the wheel the CPU of our business.   I hope I put enough images out there for everyone.   I see the blog as the quick response team, the blog posts as lines in the water, or deployed buoys in the search atmosphere waiting for someone to type in a search and have those keywords hit one of our buoys and a connection is made.

1.   I see the blog as the open connection on our network.   A place where users can connect and fuel their need for information.  

2.   The blog is where I can quickly respond to local and world events that might impact our market.  

3.   The blog is where I can let buyers and sellers know about the newly released statistics for the past month from the MLS.  

4.   The blog is where I can interact with buyers, sellers, the general public and other real estate professionals.  

The blog posts are the spokes on the wheel, the connecting interface on the network, the scout ships providing escort those searching space and providing immediate assistance and information and guiding them back to the mothership.

The blog and the website work hand in hand to provide a means of getting your message to your audience.   They supply resources and information along the way.

The blog references pages on the web site.   A post about a community with reference to the search page on the website for that community.

The website directing people to the blog for up to the minute information in a blog post or series of posts.   Cross linking and supporting each other.

Don’t stop supporting and growing your web site with fresh content.   Don’t neglect it because the blog is faster, quicker, easier.   Keep adding fresh content to your site.   Fresh content to a website is the same as new post are to a blog.   If you don’t post on a blog it won’t be long before people stop coming back.   If you don’t add fresh content to your website the same thing will happen, people will stop coming back as often and more important so will the bots.

Your web site should be the foundation for your online Real Estate Marketing and Business, supported and strengthened by your blog.   They work together, don’t neglect either one.


  1. Many people are using their Blogs as websites or blogging on their websites. Do you recommend that you have 2 sepereate and distinct web presence (Blog AND Website)?

  2. If I were just staring out I’d only have the blog. Remember a blog is still a website it is just organized in a different way.

    I had a static website for over a year gaining traffic before I started blogging. I kept the site as the “Mothership” and blog as support. Then I started a complete stand alone blog apart from the website.

    It is just 2 months old and gaining traction quickly.

    But If you have both, I would not make them separate and distinct. This splits the Google Juice, and yes I split the juice in one sense but have found ways to integrate Google Juice even on distinct sites, but it takes time to do this. If you are going to have both, tie them to the same URL, but self host. This way you know that the traffic is coming directly to you and not to the host company which often just points to you and takes the real juice for themselves.