Archive in your Sidebar (Tag Team Widgetize Anything and SRG Clean Archive

Recently Eric on Search was doing a little insightful thinking about the continued indexing of the pages at realestateweblogging101. He suggested that the internal linking structure was one of the things helping keep these pages in the Google active index.

archive postsEvery page on the site had a link to the other pages on the site because of the links to those pages being provided on each page in the sidebar.

So why not put the archives for the site in the sidebar instead of just on a single archive page. If the archive pages falls out of the active index (I’ve had that happen) then you loose all the internal linking from that page.

But what are the odds of having all of your pages out of the active index.

So I decided to take the SRG Clean Archives Plugin 4.1 and use the suggested code for placing the archive in the sidebar.

I’m using the widget function for all of my sites now so I had to have a way to put this code inside a widget that would accept php code.

I tried several, blew the lab up a couple of times, (literally) and finally decided on Widgetize Anything Once I got the lab put back together and the mess cleaned up. . .

I activated Widgetize Anything pasted the single line of PHP code provided in the read me with SRG Clean Archive. Next I set the options for the SRG Clean Archive and just like that, I have a link from every post to every post and page on the site. You can see it at the bottom of the right hand navigation.

Side note here: (you only put the code inside the widget, not the php declaration at the beginning and end) so all you paste is :

if (function_exists(‘srg_clean_archives’)) { srg_clean_archives(); }

Now I just site back wait and watch and see if there is any improvement in keeping post in the index and hopefully getting some out of the supplemental index and back in the active index.

I do like the Widgetize anything widget, and you already know I’m a big fan of SGR Clean Archives. I’ll be using this tag team in the future for more sites.


  1. Very interesting. Right now, your top level page including the archives is 405 links deep.

    BHB without archives is 688 links just now, and you have demonstrated that Google seems to be honoring all of them.

    BHB’s archives are 1,753 links right now. It might be cool to put the archives into the footer for each page to see how things change. I think I’ll watch you first to see what happens.

  2. Greg,

    I think watching might be a good idea. I suspect there is a point where Google might think it is too much of a good thing. As my archive grows I’ll probably find a way to limit the links.

    This is one of the things that is so interesting in tracking It is pretty fixed at its present length. Now it will be interesting to see what kind of authority is attributed to it over the next year.

  3. <p>I like the content of your site. You’re a geek at heart aren’t you?</p>

  4. Scott,

    Oh My Gosh, you really think I’m a geek?

  5. Geeks are sexy right? If not I may have a problem.

  6. Great addition, Dave. Even with me being basically ignorant, I managed to get it to work, albeit with some slight problems. [It didn’t seem to load correctly initially for whatever reason.]

    Regardless, a great addition to have. And thank you very much for enlightening the “SEO & code challenged” persons out there. 🙂

  7. Dave;
    Looks like a good test. BTW-VERY Nice pickup on those plugins. Very cool combo. I tried some others this weekend as well..(perhaps the ones you did!) …with similar results.



  8. Dave,

    Thanks for the great information. I want to try this as well. Once I do I will let you know how things go.