Another Real Estate Blog Are You Kidding Me?

Another real estate blog, but this isn’t like any other real estate blog that I’ve found.   It will have elements of many great blogs about real estate and real estate blogging.   It is to fill a nitch in real estate blogging.

It is born out of the comments and council of real estate bloggers that helped me make the decision to create a blog on topic and keep our Tucson Real Estate In The News Blog focused and on message.

My thanks to:

Jim Cronin of The Real Estate Tomato
Tim O’Keefe of Real Estate Marketing Blog
Jonathan Dalton of Phoenix AZ  Real Estate Blog
Jay Thompson The Real Phoenix Real Estate Guy
Athol Kay of The Real Estate Guide
Sellsius of Sellsius
REblogGirl Mary McKnight RSS Pieces

Each of these people through their comments and their own blogs helped me make the decision to start the Real Estate Blog Lab.

What is a blog lab.   It is where we will test, experiment, and report.   It is where experienced and novice real estate bloggers specifically can come to ask questions and get answers.

The main lab rat is our Tucson Real Estate In The News blog.   The process of setting up that blog has been an interesting and at times frustrating journey.   Some times it takes hours to get what looks like a simple plug-in to work.  

There are lots of terms used in the blogging community that novices look at like a foreign language.   Sometimes it isn’t just the novices that struggle with some of the technical and programmatic side of blogging.

Take Ardell’s comments on the post by Dustin about Blog Posts On A Map

Hey Robbie and Dustin,                    

I have two “techie thingie” observations. Yeah, I guess hell IS freezing over.

1) I love the sites that have a real words like banana or carrot as comment identifiers, instead of squigly letters and numbers waving at me.

Shoot…there was something I wanted to ask Robbie. Oh well, can’t keep those techie things in my head. I’ll have to jot it down on the wall so he sees it at the “Holiday Party”…date coming soon.

8. Dustin – December 11, 2006Ardell,                    

I’m not sure what you mean… Can you show me an example?

9. ARDELL – December 11, 2006Dustin,                    

I can tell you an example. Greg Swann added the “verification” thing and he has easy to read numbers, except there’s a white line drawn through the middle of them, which sometimes makes some of the numbers hard to define. Blogger (I think it’s blogger) has crazy mixed uppe rand lower case letters with numbers mixed in and all squiggly and scrip and hard to read.

Active Rain has Words! Real live words! like banana and carrot and celery. Easy to read. No lines drawn threw them. No squigleys. It’s the word you have to enter in the box before you can post a comment, so it knows you aren’t a spam comment robot.

10. Dustin – December 11, 2006Ahhh…                    

I was thinking you were talking about avatars! I was thinking of adding one of those to RCG, but the reality is that I don’t end up with much spam EXCEPT when Akismet goes down (It has only happened twice in this past year!).

11. ARDELL – December 11, 2006 OK, so “verification thingie” equals Avatar? and “Spam Comment Robot” equals??                      

If you do get one, get one that says bunny and puppy, OK?

Now that all makes perfect sense doesn’t it?


  1. Dave,

    You missed the part where Joel jumped in and corrected it to be a “Captcha”. So now…what the heck IS an Avatar?! Aaargh!

  2. Ardell,

    Hey, you are the first to comment on the blog! Thanks, I can’t believe someone found this thing already. I set it live a couple of hours ago.

    Ok, an avatar, is a small picture associated with a post, comment or message. If you are a member of a forum you have a user profile and they allow you to have an avatar associated with your comments.

    On your blog it is the picture of the author that shows up on each of your blog posts.

    And you have a very nice avatar if I do say so myself. Now you can remove the Aaargh! at least on this one.

    As to “Captcha” . . . Like you, I hate them. I sometimes have to type in three times, because I can’t make out the stupid letters and numbers with all the background.

    Thanks again for being the first. I hope to hear a lot from you in the future.

    At least I know I’ve been the one to clear up Avatars for you. I was going to say they are ancient pre-historic birds, but that would just have muddied the waters even more.

  3. Dave!

    I *love* it! Thanks for the kudos and linkage.

    Like General McArthur once said:

    “I shall return” !!

    Oh, and I’m with you on captchas. Some of them just make my head hurt.