Another Look At Google Chrome and WordPress

Since Flock and Firefox installed their latest versions I’ve noticed quite a significant drop in speed when opening the post editor, doing save operations and viewing a preview. So much so I decided to pull up the admin screen in Chrome and see how it functioned.


But it is so Plain and Homely

I was surprised in a good way. Even with the Turbo function in FF, Chrome beat it hands down for speed. As a matter of fact since installing Turbo it seem things are slower not faster. “Turbo Turtle”? It wouldn’t be the first time something was supposed to make things faster instead it created a load on a system that rendered it ineffective and counter productive.

I still don’t care for the Yugo design of Chrome. It seems funny they have themes now for Gmail which used to look a lot like Chrome does now.   We can hope.   The WP admin panel in 2.7 is a lot better than Chrome. I think WP has done a great job with this latest release. I greatly enjoy the admin panel and navigation around the site now.

Flock is still may favorite for one reason. When I’m typing in URL’s for images it auto fills 98% of the field for me. That one feature alone is the winner for me. That said, I’ll be firing up Chrome later to add a post for the Tucson blog. It has grown in size and the editor there seems to be the slowest. Each blog I author has a different load and save time and it seems to slow the bigger the database. With the exception of Chrome as the browser.

If you haven’t used Chrome lately, or never; take out for a try today. I downloaded safari the other day, but honestly, It seems to be a glorified apple ad and not a browser. Oh, that’s just their homepage?


  1. Hi Dave,

    You are blogrolled in a few different blogs I’ve visited today Dave. I arrived from Eric Blackwell’s blog.

    Regarding slow and browsers. We’ve been doing some work on our WordPress blogs and have been to WordPress’ forums. “Slow” isn’t necessarily a browser issue, as it appears to be the order of the day in WP 2.7 Search ‘slow wordpress 2.7’ and many others are experiencing slowness. 😉

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  2. @Colleen Lane – I do seem to get around the RE Tech Blogosphere.

    I know slow isn’t a browser issue in a lot of cases. A while back I had to move data to a new MYSQL database to get speed back right here on the Lab.

    But I have multiple WP Blogs all on 2.7 and only one is slow. That one is faster on Chrome than it is on any other Browser. It happens to be the blog with the largest database and 597 posts with almost 1200 comments.

    So when Chrome gave it a speed boost. I thought I’d mention it for others that seem to be experiencing some slowness with 2.7

    Personally, I wonder how much has to do with the inclusion of Thickbox in this version. I notice that as one of the slowest parts.

    On the other hand. It is only during a Save or the initial opening of the editor that it seems slow. Other than those two areas they all seem to have overall performance increases. It just turns out those are two very annoying areas for me personally.

    Thanks for stopping by the lab. Come back anytime, you are always welcome. If you run into Eric give him my regards.


  3. Dave, Thanks for this info ….the speed issue is annoying!

  4. Dave,

    It’s nice to be back on your blog reading your posts once again. It’s like I completely forgot this blog existed…wtf? right?

    Chrome is extremely fast. It renders pages hands down better than any other browser – it’s a Google product so you know speed was their main concern. I love chrome but feel handicap when I use it – I need tools to make it through a surfing session and Firefox is the only browser that can do that for me. I have a feeling tools will be out soon; on that day – it’s all Chrome. What’s flock? a browser?

  5. I am glad I ran into this post as I was just trying to disect the slow loading issue.

    I agree Chrome is definately built for speeed, but I really love the new WP 2.7. WP did an awesome job and the control panel is much improved over the older versions.

    Thanks for the info Dave!

  6. James Wheelock says

    @Dave – At what number of posts do you think it becomes important to have a seperate data base?

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  7. @James Wheelock – I’m not sure I understand what you mean by have a separate database.

    You can keep thousands of blog posts in a single database. I don’t even know if you can combine two databases to form a single blog.

  8. James Wheelock says

    @Dave – Sorry, I misunderstood what you were saying in this quote “I know slow isn’t a browser issue in a lot of cases. A while back I had to move data to a new MYSQL database to get speed back right here on the Lab.” I thought you were saying that you added a database to help things run faster my apoligizes. I am still a bit of a newbie.

    James Wheelock ´s last blog post..Humble Single Family Housing Inventory

  9. @James Wheelock – James,

    No apology needed, I simply wasn’t tracking where you were going. I think the database had optimization issues, maybe a corrupt record, not sure.

    I did two things moved the data to a clean database (like running a defrag on your harddrive) I also went from MYSQL 4 to 5.

    Have a great weekend