Animoto is a blast

The boys at Sellsius have surfaced and they have done so with a bang in the blogosphere. Introducing some of us to Animoto. Animoto is a blast.

Here is a quick short that took just a few minutes to put together.

Limit your images to 15 and select the 30 sec free option to play around with it.

If you are using WordPress editor you will need to work in Code view turning off the visual editor as it thinks it is smarter than you are and strips off needed code.

It will display properly the first time, but after that forget it. If you want to work in the visual editor I recommend paste in the code just before you publish. If you want to preview the post with placement then switch user settings to code view when you are done writing and formatting your post. Then paste in the code, preview and publish. (go to users, select your profile, uncheck use visual editor, save)

You will need to remember to make this switch to the code view editor if you want to make changes to the post in the future.

Unlimited length and images can be obtained with an annual subscription of $30.

The only limitation I can find that some will not like. Once you generate the video there is not going back to tweek it with the same effects. You can change the images, and the order of the images and the sound track, but when you click to generate the new video, it is random, you have not control.

Going back to add a forgotten image or taking one out that doesn’t look right will result in the making of a completely new video. If you can live with this limitation you might have a lot of fun with Animoto.

Glad to have Joe and Rudy back in the pool.


  1. > (go to users, select your profile, uncheck use visual editor, save)

    Bless your for this, Dave! The visual editor never worked in Safari, so I had no idea how to turn it off once it kicked in with WP 2.x. I’ve been backing out to Ecto to revise code-critical posts in the three blogs I have at 2.x and I’ve kept three others at 1.10.x to avoid the issue entirely. I had just assumed the visual editor was a (rassafrassin!) default.

  2. Greg,

    You are welcome, I just wish the visual editor wasn’t such a pain thinking it is smarter than those of us using it.

    There should be an option in the visual editor to run off editing our code when we DO KNOW what we are doing.

  3. After writing this post I went back to Animoto paid for the year subscription and cranked out a couple more videos without the 30 second limitation.

    You can see them at Tucson AZ Real Estate.

  4. Nice pick up on this one, Dave. I had not seen animoto before! There’s a couple of hours of sleep I won’t get! (grin)

    Thanks as well for the turn the visual editor thing off in WP. Been looking for a way to do that . I don’t use Safari, but code sometimes just works easier…


  5. Thats pretty cool. It would be fun to make some videos of listings with this.

  6. Animoto is the best video slideshow program around. They have recently updated their visual editor so there are alot of new features, making it faster and easier to use. My only complaint is that I CANNOT figure out how to embed their slideshows in my Prophoto Blog in WordPress!

  7. Amanda,

    Is it that you don’t know how, or when you try and embed them they disappear? Are you on a WordPress MS (Multisite) install?