Animoto First Real Estate Hip Hop Virtual Tours

More Fun with Animoto

I made these earlier today then had to do an open house. I’m pretty sure they are the First Hip Hop Virtual Tours In Tucson.

Two versions of the same home at 1635 Deer Shadow Lane in La Reserve.

The second ever Tucson Hip Hop Virtual Tour

I hope no one gets hurt either laughing or trying to dance to these videos. We hope you are having a great weekend. Oh, Yeah, I’m going to make more of these.

“Hey Dad, this is a cool house I want to live there.” I’ve got a perfect home for the next one. Anybody else want to try Hip Hop Virtual Tours?

Animoto is a BLAST! Who said real estate agents are dull, and real estate boring?


  1. Very nice. 🙂 can a leave a comment like that? Well I guess I just did.

  2. I love the video, very nice. Now you need to send it to Jay Z to get the home sold.

  3. hi dave!

    ……to the rythm of the boogedy beat…..

    you may have made the first hip hop real estate animoto but i made the first reggae one 🙂

    – rudy.sellsius °

  4. Hey Rudy,

    That’s great. I’ve got to see that one. Reggae is great. Rudy, are we having too much fun with Animoto?

    NAH !!!

  5. the fun is just beginning…….

  6. rudy, where’s the Reggae tour?

  7. here it is dave: we jammin’ ~ bob marley

  8. rudy,

    Sorry the url got caught in the spam filter. Didn’t check it till just now.

  9. Yo yo yo whazzzup!

    So can we put these on baby?


  10. That was to cool! Now you just need one for Country music. lol

  11. Not sure if that would work as well, best to stick to the Rap.

  12. Not a big fan of rap but this is very creative!

  13. I love it! Finally some creativity.

  14. Jenna,

    It is kind of fun isn’t it. I’ve used it on a few occasions. Did one with several versions of animals at the Reid Park Zoo in Tucson.

    Animoto is fun and getting more features. Which reminds me I need to get back there and do another one.

  15. To tell the truth I thought the video was “off da hook”. I think “you got mad video skills”… really though.

    All kidding aside seriously. I love the idea. As long as you test the idea vs. selling homes with different types video.

  16. I’m a little late getting to the Animoto party, but absolutely LOVE how easy it is to create a video. It literally took me about 5 minutes to put one together..took me longer to find the pics I wanted to use than it did to create.