All-In-One-SEO 1.6.1 Upgrade A Scary Proposition

Your Tables Are Out Of Date

Your Tables Are Out Of Date

Chuck Gillooley with the posted a comment earlier to day on his latest upgrade of the All-In-One-SEO plugin to version 1.6.1. He had to re-enter all the data and hadn’t copied it down before hand.

Every other upgrade of the plugin to this point has been smooth and easy. NOT SO THIS ONE.

Backup Your Database

We see this all the time.   This time I did it.   I’m glad I did.   The first site went pretty well.   When the upgrade was complete I was sent to the Settings Admin page with a warning the plugin had to upgrade two tables in the database.   The first went well, so did the second.   Once the second update was made all the data filled in on my settings page that had been there before.   I still had to activate the plugin.   It was installed and activated on the blog, but it was not “Enabled”.   Once I checked enable and saved everything returned to normal.

Now it was time to do the Lab

  1. Backup complete.
  2. Plugin upgraded
  3. First table upgrade checked   MAJOR ERROR MESSAGE AT TOP OF SCREEN.
  4. But the settings page showed the first upgrade had taken place despite the error message remaining at the top of the page.
  5. Second table upgraded   Error message remained at the top of the screen.
  6. Data auto-filled all the fields.
  7. Enable plugin checked
  8. Options Saved
  9. All error messages removed from the top and Setting verified it was enabled and configured

But what a heart stopper.   RED messages and ERROR everywhere.   I felt like Will Robinson

Pause for one more Blog

Installed and updated successfully.   The Same MAJOR ERROR MESSAGE.   It was caused by the contact form plugin being a page that All-In-One-SEO couldn’t update the meta tags for.   You might get the same error for pages that don’t have any real content on them.

It will be awhile before we know what the end result will be.   It appears there was a bug in the previous version.   A serious enough bug it required this update routines to be run on the database to fix it.

Hint for the Upgrade

With the heads up from Chuck I did a trick I have used in the past.   I open the settings tab for All-In-One-SEO in one browser.   Then I open another browser and do the upgrade to the plugin.   If the settings are wiped out I can copy and paste from the basically static “before” screen.

I didn’t have to use it.   But I had it open for every site I upgraded.   You might have the same problem Chuck did.   Just saying . . .

I’ve always wanted to find a place to use that Just saying . . .


  1. Dave,

    The red messages aren’t error messages. Everyone gets those. There was no bug in the previous version of the plugin. 1.6.x uses a new and improved, more efficient database layout for the storing of the SEO META data and AIOSEOP options. Rather than having this script to migrate the data automatically, I added a button for each script so that the user would have the control. You did everything just fine, and there is absolutely no chance of losing any data. has a good tutorial on it.

    Michael Torbert ´s last blog post..All in One SEO Pack NEW CMS Features

  2. Michael,

    Thanks for the information. There are error messages at the top of the screen on all my blogs. But it had to do with conflict with another plugin, those were the error messages I referenced not the database update messages.

    I got the idea there was a fix from this statement:

    “1.6.1 – Fix for META Description auto generator”

    Good to know this fix wasn’t a bug fix, which is what is usually indicated with the word “fix”.

    Thanks for the clarification. The All-In-One-SEO Plugin is a MUST for any WP Blog.


  3. What exactly did the “error” messages say? And what was the other plugin that had the conflict?

    Michael Torbert ´s last blog post..All in One SEO Pack NEW CMS Features

  4. 2.8.1 was a minor fix for 2.8, and came out within a few hours. All the major changes were from 2.8, which was not a fix.

    Michael Torbert ´s last blog post..All in One SEO Pack NEW CMS Features

  5. Michael,

    I just checked, I don’t have anymore blogs to upgrade. The plugin which seemed to have some conflict was PXS Mail Form, modified for Akismet I can’t recall the exact working but it was something about a header conflict with that plugin.

    It didn’t seem to cause any issues once the plugin was updated but on each blog I had withe the PXS Mail Form it generated the same error.

    I’ve only had one other person contact me saying they had an issue with the upgrade where they had to re-enter the information.

    Again, thanks so much for this wonderful plugin


  6. Thanks for the additional information Dave. Without looking at the plugin, I’d say off the top of my head that it’s calling either ob_start() or session_start().
    No data will be lost. One button is for the SEO post/page meta data, the other is for the AIOSEOP options. If a button isn’t clicked, the data stays in the old format (readable by an older version of the plugin. It’s either migrated or it isn’t. Probably, this person didn’t click the button, or some other plugin interfered somehow, but his data likely is still there in the old format.

    Michael Torbert ´s last blog post..All in One SEO Pack NEW CMS Features

  7. i just wandered onto your blog and saw this post. Earlier today I was updating one of my WordPress blogs and wondering about updating the All-In-One-SEO pluggin. (Which I decided not to do.)

    Holy Smokes! I’m glad I didn’t!

    Funny seeing it here on the front page.

    Thanks for posting and I’m glad I saw this before I “did the deed”.

  8. That was VERY smart to open up a “static” before window so you could still get to the old information if the upgrade ended up not working properly. Defiantly a tip I will be following when I upgrade plugins from here on out!

  9. Jon,

    If you read the entire post and comments you will find it is perfectly safe to upgrade the plugin, just be prepared for it to be a different experience than you have had in the past.


  10. I upgraded without too much of a problem. The screen kept flashing, kind of like a film stuck in the projector. Eventually I just closed that browser, opened a new one, and it looked like everything was fine.

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  11. Thanks for the heads up. You will be saving people from a whole lot of unnecessary worry and stres!

  12. That is a good tip about keeping the older version open in another browser – wish I had seen your post sooner. I think I got my settings the way I want on this plugin – but not sure. It sure seemed like a strange upgrade compared with other plugins.
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