Admin Drop Down Menu

The Size of a Football Field

The Size of a Football Field

WOW WOW WOW, talk about pick up some horizontal real estate.   I just installed the Ozh Admin Drop Down Menu.   I thought it would add the Admin menu to the top of the screen so I didn’t have to scroll way down to get to the settings I’m always changing or using.   Especially the Next Gen Gallery controls and Cform which are always down at the bottom of the page.

What I didn’t realize was it would remove the sidebar admin and take the middle section all the way to the left.   Extending me editor to the size of a football field.

Every other screen has the same effect.   The plugin page is not all the way across the screen.

You also get to pick the color of the top menu.   If you click on the screen shot above it will enlarge so you can see what the menu looks like almost full size.   There are a variety of colors to pick from so if you feel like you have to change something on your blog from time to time to keep from getting bored you can change the color of your horizontal menu and save yourself some geek time for other things.

The Admin Drop Down Menu

I’m installing this on all my blogs.   I love having this fuller edit area.   It doesn’t give me a WYSIWYG edit window, but it is better than the scrunched up one I had before.   I’ll be singing “Give Me Them WIDE OPEN Spaces” while typing in my edit windows from now on.


  1. Great site Dave! Thanks for all of the wonderful information. I have set up a ‘How To FSBO’ blog myself and am finding this site very helpful thus far.

    All my best!

  2. Sean,

    Glad you found the lab. Hope you continue to benefit from the knowledge you gain here.

  3. Dave, I always confused with the new stuff and how to implement it. Thanks for explaining that in a few easy words.

  4. Nice find. It does get annoying and heavy on the eyes typing in that tight area. This makes for easier reading. Nice post

  5. Great find–I’m going to install it and give it s shot. Thanks Dave!