Active Strain Lives as Outside Blog


REBlogWorld “Outside in the Rain” is an Outside Blog set up to demonstrate the difference between an Active Rain Outside blog and an Open Source WordPress Blog.

It is a tongue in cheek look at Outside blogs which Rich Jacobson and I will be debating at REBlogworld on Friday of this week ( Sept. 19,2008 ).   If you want to poke around and have a chuckle you are invited to   “Outside in the Rain”

“Working Hard to Get It Out – Real Estate Blogging with Training Wheels – Who is Your Audience?”

Looking forward to meeting a lot of Lab Rats there and even a few that just like to hang around the lab.

If you get there early be sure to join the group at Gordon Biersch
for the pre-conference meet up.

Get there before 6 pm.   ActiveRich is buying the first round, you definately want Active Rain to pick up this tab for you : )

I know I’m looking forward to it.


  1. I will check out active-strain. Thanks for the heads up.

    Keahi Pelayos last blog post..Asia May Hold A Key To Honolulu Real Estate Values!

  2. Sounds like you are on a mission. Hope it turns out the way you want.

    Cedar City Ut Real Estates last blog post..Gorgeous new homes

  3. Thanks for the activestrain link. I am relatively new to blogging and wondered if active rain had anything to offer me. It looks like not much.

    Ned Careys last blog post..A Cool New Tool

  4. Sorry I missed everyone. I forgot the conference was last Friday. But, the good thing about living in Las Vegas is that everyone ends up visiting here eventually!

    Charles Richeys last blog post..Top Five Real Estate Bargains

  5. Let agents waste their time on Active Rain, makes it easier for the rest of us to get leads.

    Ken in Elgins last blog post..Heavy Rains Flood Elgin

  6. Ken,

    I would never say that. I might think it, have thought it, but I would never say it : )

    Honestly, I’ve thought about this since the conference. If someone has never written and they aren’t sure it is something they want or can do then AR is a place to get support and questions answered. Many RE Bloggers have started on AR and then progressed to have their own blog, some even WordPress blogs.

    They have provided this incubator for new bloggers. Unfortunately there are bad blogging habits to be picked up there as well since it operates pretty much as a closed community but that’s another topic.

    BTW, Rich Jacobson is a stand up guy. Can I say that on a blog?

  7. Dave you can call anyone anything you want on your own blog…

    AR does teach a LOT of bad habits and isn’t designed for the writers to benefit from the content they produce. At the beginning they talked a good talk, but have never walked the walk. Selling off part of AR to a lead generator alone should keep agents off the site, but it doesn’t for some odd reason.

    So at this point I like it mainly because it keeps my competition busy not working and playing around on AR…and I have no issue saying so.

    Ken in Elgins last blog post..Heavy Rains Flood Elgin

  8. Ken,

    All good points : ) Hope you stick around the lab. I like it when someone states their mind even if I don’t agree (in this case I agree).

    I’ll put you on that “Stand up Guy” guy list, if that’s ok. Oh, yeah, it’s my blog, you are on the list.

  9. Dave that list sounds better then the list I normally end up on 😉 .

    Ken in Elgins last blog post..Heavy Rains Flood Elgin