Accessibility Widget | A Blessing for Older Eyes

UPDATE:   This widget may be missing,   But here is a post you might want your readers to be aware of

Control Key Plus Scroll Equals BIGGER TEXT

I’m not going to say how old my eyes are, lets just say the more light in a room the better they like it. Here in the lab I’m trying out a widget I found today which allows readers to switch font size on the fly making a blogs font size a better fit for older eyes.

Here is the Accessibility Widget if you want to take it for a spin.

This widget is easy to install and configure.

For those new to this follow these directions. For those that don’t need them skip ahead.

The file name is accessibility.phps. After placing the file in the plug-in directory remove the “s” to make it accessibility.php.

Activate the Plug-in and go to the Sidebar Widget configuration screen under Presentation.

Place the widget where you want it to appear on the sidebar.
Open the configuration and change the title if you want.
You can also set the degrees of magnification.

accessibility widget graphic

It does have one annoying attribute. You can change the title and text sizes of the widget, but if you make any changes to the sidebar widget and save it will reset the title and text sizes back to the defaults.

If you know what you are doing you can use the plug-in editor to change the default title and text sizes to what you want so you don’t ever have to configure the widget.

You can set the size of the text back to the original display by reloading the page. Translated, click on the title of the blog. Your readers will need to reset the size if they change pages, or posts which is also a bit inconvenient, but it is still better than squinting at the screen.

Try it yourself, the widget is in the right sidebar, select any of the A’s under “Set Text Size”

Here in Tucson we have people that either here or thinking about moving here that I’m sure will appreciate the ability to change the size of the text making it easier for them to read.

Your readers just might appreicate this little widget themselves.


  1. The site for the widget is down. Do you know where else you can get the download?