About This Blog

This blog is a laboratory for  Real Estate Bloggers.   A place for the Real Estate Blogging community to comment and post on various topics.   Topics like SEO, tools to enhance the blogging experience and posts to help those of us who aren’t techno wizards figure out how to do things we just don’t seem to understand.   I’m still struggling with the whole concept of RSS Feeds.   I’m using WordPress as the Platform and much of what I write will be about WordPress blogging and setup.

It is born out of the need of my tech side to have a place to post questions and hopefully get some answers along the way.   I want this to be a place where novice as well as experienced real estate bloggers hang out gather information and get new ideas.

The lab is open here to make those posts about blogging that are too short or don’t fit the theme of your blog.

The lab is open to test and try things to see how they work and report back to the blogging community.

The lab is open for experiments and results of experiments to help all real estate bloggers as our numbers keep growing exponentially.

I’m sure the lab will evolve and grow with time.   It is my effort to give back to the many real estate bloggers that have helped me in these early days of my personal adventure in real estate blogging.

I’m also sure we are all just scratching the surface of what we will experience together in the next few years.