About The Author

I’m no longer a realtor, I now focus full time on WordPress and developing online solutions for small business.

I’m a realtor, but I don’t take listings, I can’t have clients, or write contracts. I’m known by our brokerage as an “Assistant”. I’ve been a computer programmer for more than 20 years. For almost 6 years I was the Database Administrator for the largest real estate company in Southern Arizona. I worked primarily with SQL Server and MS Access for application.

I left the company in that capacity and after getting my license and becoming a realtor I went back to the company as an assistant to my wife who is also a realtor. She was a real estate para-legal for 22 years before becoming a realtor.

Once I joined her she needed an up to date web site that wasn’t a canned site. I set to work in March of 2006 and built her web site Tucson Real Estate.

I have been frustrated with the speed at which pages from the web site were indexed by the search engines making them available for searches. It was at that time I first heard about blogging.

In September 2006 I moved our site to our own hosting on GoDaddy, installed WordPress and started our blog Tucson Real Estate In The News. It is a blog about Tucson Real Estate. While creating and developing this blog I have encountered numerous topics along the way I would like to blog about concerning the technical side of real estate blogging, but I didn’t want to change or blur the focus of our Tucson Real Estate Blog.

Therefore, I decided to create and start a new blog about Real Estate Blogging. This blog is where I and others can talk about the real estate blogging experience. Sharing ideas, asking questions and hopefully getting some answers and good ideas along the way.

Since starting this lab I’ve added two more local real estate blogs. The first new addition to the family was Oro Valley Real Estate. This blog is sprecifally targeted to life, real estate and events going on in and around Oro Valley, Arizona.

The latest addition to the family is Tucson AZ Real Estate. This blog expands beyond the Real Estate News about Tucson to everything about Tucson. What it is like to live here, the unique things about living in Tucson, events going on in Tucson and the day to day encounters with our mountains, wildlife and beautiful surroundings including access to the Tucson MLS and lots of information on buying and selling a home in Tucson, Arizona.

Finally if you want something totally over the edge there is For No REal Reason a compendium of random thoughts and topics not REal Estate Related.

I dedicate this blog to the real estate blogging community that has opened its arms to this newbie blogger. It is my hope and desire to give back to the community a platform, information and experiences that will make our blogging experience richer, rewarding and more productive.