A Tool to Help Pick Keyword Targets

Don’t know where to go to find keywords or specifically what keywords to target? Like Zillow.

Dog on Dog WorldPersonally, I’m not one for eating Dog. But if it is a dog eat dog world out there then here is a tool to make eating dog a little more palatable.

SEODIGGER.COM This isn’t what this tool was designed for, but to me it sucks at what it says it is supposed to be doing. (It is in beta and if you are willing to pay money I’m sure it will be better, eventually). (Okay, it doesn’t suck, it is a neat tool or it will be when it grows up someday).

What does it do? You key in your URL and it will tell you what your site is ranking for and the position. It also shows you the desirability of that keyword from KW and OT. Don’t ask me what they stand for, ask them, they are the ones that assume everyone knows what KW and OT stands for.

Here for me is the catch. The rankings are three weeks or more behind, History, Out of here, Old News, Yesterdays fish papers. You get the idea.

I don’t need this tool to tell me where I was three weeks ago. I’m not driving down the internet highway looking in the rear view mirror. I hope you aren’t either.

How would I use this tool (again if I were in to eating Dog that is)?

I would enter my competitors url’s in here and find out what keyword phrases they are ranking for and go after the ones I wanted.

If I were starting a new site in a location and didn’t know what keywords to target. I would do some searches see who pops up and run the top sites through SEO Digger. It makes more sense to me to drive forward and look in the other guys rear view mirror.

That’s what I would do if I were into eating Dog (which I’m not).


I know what KW and OT stand for but if anyone wants to showoff express their knowledge of the two please feel free to share.

Zillow has nothing to do with SEODigger and Zillow has nothing to do with this post, but if I don’t mention Zillow at least one more time I won’t have any chance whatsoever of getting on the short list.

I hope I don’t sound crabby or out of sorts. I just did my taxes for 2007 right before writing this post. Anyone having an Aha! moment?

Tomorrow will be a better day can you SEODigger it? If you are eating dog please don’t mention it in polite company. And have a nice day, LIKE I CARE!


  1. Thats kind of cool. I messed around with it a bit until I hit a “Sorry, your hourly limits for link search has been exceed!” I always think a new site should try to build users before hardcore trying to get people to pay for services. I guess they need to see a return on their investment sooner rather than later.

    What is the zillow shortlist? Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Thank you for your review of SeoDigger.
    Yes, we developed this service for seo-professionals, so it’s quite difficult to understand what it is for…
    to:Ki – you have 10 search per hour to free accounts. it’s really enough if you are not just type-in-to-see-what-will-happen…

  3. G,

    I figured I’d be hearing from you guys : ). It really is a cool tool. Thanks for the information.

    If you haven’t figured it out yet most RE bloggers that read the lab consider themselves SEO-professionsals LOL

  4. Ki,

    You have to read Bloodhound blog to know about the short list.

  5. I don’t know what KW and OT stand for, never heard of them.

    Having launched several websites and tried to analyse the keywords that I need to target, the only site that I have found to be truely helpful is … dare I say it … the Keyword Tool from Google Adsense.

  6. Dave–

    GRIN…you had him at DOG…hehe.



    You did not even NEED zillow– 😉

  7. Eric,

    You really think so? Darn, I wasted some perfectly good zillows. Really, Dog, did it?

  8. If you didn’t answer the kw / ot question, those are the datasources for numbers of searches… keywordtracker is one of the most popular, they’re based in England I believe, and Overture is the old school version that is owned by yahoo and used to give data to the public but has been pretty much left to rot by yahoo and so no longer works very well or at all….. those figures are representing the number of search they have experience but can’t remember it that is per month or year… keywordtracker.com will answer that question.. hope this helps a bit. ….

  9. Trace,

    It always helps to throw a little cheese.

    Thanks for helping the curious minds to know.

  10. Check the short list from last week, Dave. I had to use a latex glove…(grin)



  11. Eric,

    It cracked me up. I think you are right, I didn’t have to mention Zillow at all. LOL go figure!

  12. I’ve never heard of SEOdigger.com; I’ll check it out and use it how you recommended as I have know need to travel back in time either.

    I still haven’t found an SEO tool that does everything it has promised. Some are good at this and that but I haven’t found a truly accurate all around tool (probably since the output they’re allowed isn’t too accurate) do you have any suggestions?

    I would really love a tool that is accurate with keyword traffic estimates if anyone uses one that works well.

  13. Jayson hit the nail on the head…. getting search volume data is the tough part. There is keyword tracker and trillian’s product…..but at the end of the day they are both lacking…. you can also back out data using google’s adword volume tool as well, that can be useful but takes a little bit of work…. this component is so important…if you optimize and rank well for words with no volume or less volume than other potential candidates then you aren’t reaching your true potential…..

  14. I also have never heard of SEODigger, nor do I think I should with the way you guys have dogged the site. Any suggestions on updated SEO information, I use Yahoo.

  15. The keyword tool from adsence seems to be the most useful tool.

  16. I personally like the iweb tool, pretty good functions.

  17. Alice,

    I’m not familiar with adsense at all. How would you use it as a keyword picker?

  18. Dave,

    You can use the Google Keyword tool at this link: https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal

    It is very good, but the result are quite small, you need a magnifying glass to see them

  19. Alec,

    Thanks for the link. The size of the results is easy. Ctrl + Scroll wheel on the mouse. Make it as large as you want.

  20. To clarify my comment about using the google keyword tool …. if you want to back out traffic from their tool you would enter a term into the keyword tool…. it will estimate the number of clicks per day (don’t put in budget or use high budget).. So if you were checking for say “chair” and chair shows 500 clicks per day we can use a rough guide that google is assuming around a 5% click through rate (rumored ctr….could be right or wrong but shouldn’t be too off) , meaning they estimate 1 in 20 people actually click…. this means that google is estimating about about 10,000 searches (500/ .05 ctr) ….. so google is estimating 10k searches but they might only be say 70% (of total search market) or total searches as people also use yahoo and other search engines… if we assume google has a 70% market share we can take our existing 10,000 and divide by .7 to bring out total estimate to 14,285 …….which would be our total estimated traffic for out this specific keyword…….. this is what I meant by backing out traffic using google keywords tool…..

    hope this helps……..

  21. Trace,

    “To clarify . . ” LOL you crack me up. Clarify, you lost me after 500 clicks a day. Do you do Sudoku?

  22. I think the nice thing about Google Keyword Toll in Adwords is that it allows you to search by location (for example country), so you can really get an idea for what people are searching under by country. Of course, English is not exactly the same around the world, so people will use different search terms, even though they technically speak the same language.

  23. These tools are not only important for choosing keyword targets, but also for choosing your domain name in the first place. Search engines, such as Google, do give a weighting to search terms found in the domain name.

  24. I wonder if people have the same search patterns with mobile devices as they do with home computers. I noticed the other day while using the Google Adwords Keyword checker that they asked if you want to include mobile devices or not, so this made me wonder how much searches differ with mobile devices.

  25. Sue,

    I think they will go for the shorter search terms if they don’t have a keyboard, at least I do. My Droid X is terrible for trying to write anything, so when I search the web I make it as short a phrase as possible.


  26. Forgive me if this is a stupid comment, but I’ve read a few articles on what keyword search tools are good to use, but isn’t choosing a keyword just using common sense?

    I mean, if you sell real estate in Florida, then isn’t it obvious that your keywords should be ‘Real Estate in Florida, Realtor in Florida, holiday homes Florida’ etc. etc. and just sit down and work out using common sense what your keywords should be.

  27. Mark,

    It’s not about common sense. Your examples are typical common sense suggestions and they would all be wrong. Those keywords are like flock shooting at a bunch of birds and hoping you are going to hit something. No one sells real estate in Florida. They sell real estate in South Miami, or Jacksonville etc. Realtor is a trademark word. Not really supposed to go after that, it is only to be used by real estate agents after their name not with geographic locations.

    You might thing for example using common sense that the most searched term for my town of Tucson would be Tucson Real Estate, but it isn’t. Tucson Homes for sale is search more often. And you can’t even go by those stats because too many real estate agents in each town are searching for “their town real estate” to see where they rank for that search term and in doing so they are skewing the data.

    You might find a vertical market you can dominate rather than the market as a whole. Maybe there’s a market for Active Adult communities, or Golf Homes and communities. But you won’t know unless you find out how often people are searching for those terms. Its a lot easier to go after Long tail searches and dominate than it is to go after the short tail searches that everyone seems to go after. Ex. Denver Real Estate.

    So common sense it great when getting in out of the rain, but it isn’t about you when it comes to search engines, it’s about how everyone else is putting together their search phrases to find what you have to offer them.


  28. Hi Dave,

    Just read your reply. Fair enough, you’ve got some good points. What I have done in the past is to sit down and (using my common sense), make a list of perhaps 20 keywords and search phases that I think other people are most likely to use. For my real estate business (which incidentally was in Bangkok), I ended up using terms such as Bangkok Apartments for Rent, or Bangkok Condominiums for sale. In the end I didn’t even use Real Estate!!

    Plus I had more than one website, each one was geared towards a certain search term. It worked out quite nicely for me in the end for search engine positioning.


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