1. I’m all about the /%category%/%postname%/ …. another awesome plugin is one you’re probably familiar with as well… it is an adaptation of all in one seo, it’s called Platinum all-in-one-seo … it just adds a few extra goodies… some of the things that included in Joost’s robotsmeta plugin…. worth a look at … I always almost forget to disable the redirects option in all in one because that stuff is already handled by redirection…. some goofy stuff can happen it they are both redirecting at the same time…

    All in one seo, definitely a must have and probably on my top 3 or top 5 worpdress plugins of all time list.

    Trace ´s last blog post..Trace Richardson created the group Grateful Dead

  2. Shannon Ensor says

    Thank you! I’ve always had a hard time with meta tags & descriptions. I will keep this as a reference guide!