1. WOW! Dave – the clarity in the closeups are fantastic – Good info about the flickr sets, I do like the image links, I get a lot of referrals from them, can’t wait for the next post. Do you shoot all your photos with Nikon D 300?

  2. Terry,

    I shot with the D40 from May to December last year then got the D300 the same week it came out.

    The D300 is always at my side. The D40 is a great camera, small in the hands and I really got the feel for DSLR shooting with it. But the D300 12 megapixels really lets me get the quality of image I want.

    I shoot RAW and post process with Capture NX.

    When I shoot listings I snap on the Nikon 12-24 mm lens and it makes a perfect partnership for shooting interiors.

  3. Im guessing that lab isnt getting much google image traffic ??
    I know that its not a reliable source but i get %25 of my traffic from google images so this wont really work for me

    thanks anyway

  4. Ismail,

    We get about the same 25% you do. We have fewer images here at the Lab. I have only used the flickr account approach a couple of times.

    If you have a quick post to get going it is simple and fast. If you don’t self host or have the ability to FTP your image files it makes sense to use Flickr as an alternative.

    I FTP, self host, and like the image traffic, but the lightbox code is a pain and and there are no slide show thumbs in lightbox.

  5. Dave – your pictures are simply fantastic (wishing I was half as good). I am surprised to read to that you get 25% of your traffic from Google images.

    Any suggestions as to how to get Google to index photos on our sites?