A Great Real Estate Camera – Kodak V570

kodak V570 camera

This last year we had a lot more listing than usual.    I was taking a lot of photos of interiors as well as outside shots.    

One of the frustrating things I’ve run into is trying to take interior shots that didn’t  make the rooms look small.   I ran across an ad for the Kodak  V570 camera.  I wasn’t  impressed with the reviews I read about the quality of the output, I  was impresed with some sample  interior shots of homes.    

It has two lenses the first being a wide angle 28mm.   The quality is more like a 3 megapixel than a 5, but for what we need it for it is fine.   I need photos for MLS, websites/blogs and flyers at the listings.   None of these require large poster shots or high resolution reprints.

There are some very nice features; two I really like are the internal stitch which lets you take up to three photos and the camera stitches them together to form one panorama.

Here is an example two frame pan shot

living room pan

The other feature I like is the ability to increase the F stop up or down by a factor of 2 with a toggle button on the back of the camera.   This lets me make quick adjustments to fit the lighting situation.

There are a lot more bells and whistles on this camera which are beyond the scope of this post.

Here are a couple of shots that show the difference between a regular shot and the V570.   I didn’t take the time to compose or set the lighting on   these shots.   The intent is to show how much more room the V570 shows than the Sony or any other camera not set with a wide angle adaptor or lense.

Room 1The first shot is taken with my Sony Cyber shot. A good point and shoot camera which takes great movie clips.
Here is the image taken with the V570 from the exact same location. You can see there is quite a difference in the appearance of the same room using a different camera.Room 1a
Room 2This is a kitchen shot with the Sony. You can see it is rather limited in the width. This next image is taken from the same location with the V570.
Quite a difference isn’t it.This little camera slips in your pocket and it goes with me everywhere.Room 2a

I never know when I’m going to see something in the course of my day that I want to grab a quick shot of for a future blog post.

Sometimes the idea for  a post comes from what I’m seeing with the camera.   Such was the case with the post on the Tucson Real Estate News Blog   “Tucson Christmas Gift Cactus”     I was on the way to the mall a couple of days after Christmas, (no I wasn’t returning anything) when I saw the cactus being moved on the trucks.   I pulled out the camera and a blog post was born.

I love this camera for

  • interior shots
  • quick startup
  • easy to carry in a guy’s pocket
  • images taken with wide angle lens

For me it provides great real estate photos for:

  • MLS
  • Flyers
  • Website photos
  • Blog photos

Kodak V570.   I’m glad I have it in my Real Estate Technology Bag.


  1. Very cool. I think the stitch together feature and the wide angle shot make a great case for your point about it being a great real estate camera. One of the things I really need to do when I de-nerd is become a better listing agent. Oh well, it’s good to have a goal. 🙂

  2. Dave;

    Funny you should mention that camera. It has become the mainstay of the REALTORS in our office as well.

    They love the wide angle and panoramic views…and as an added bonus, it does take crystal clear pictures and is DURABLE. The folks that have used it here have loved it.

  3. Eric,

    It is in my pocket everyday I leave the house. But I have to admit, when editing the images I didn’t like all the noise I was seeing. And disappointed at the shots if I had to use the zoom.

    So I recently purchased a Nikon D40. It has the same wide angle, at 6 megapixels. It doesn’t have a built in stitch or movie mode, but it takes great photos for the listing sites and blog.

    But it is not a camera you take everywhere. in your pocket, unless you have very big pockets.

  4. Great review. I’ll make a point to find one immediately. I’m using a Sony Cybershot currently, and definately agree that your shot comparision between the 2 cameras makes a big difference in field of view and impression.

  5. Hi Jennifer,

    I’m now using that as a backup camera. I’ve got a Nikon D40 which has the same wide angle but takes much better images of homes.

    It costs more, but the quality for flyers and print media is really stunning. I still carry the kodak which is now a couple of models out of date with me in my pocket for quick shots around town.

  6. I am shopping for a camera to take great quality photos of homes. I often see them on the MLS listings and wonder what type of camera the realtors are using. I do have a $400 canon camera that is good for family photos but not for taking photos of homes. I have seen this camera advertised in the California Association of Realtors Magazine as well. It must be good tool for realtors to use.

  7. Jose,

    I wrote this post on Jan. 12, 2007. A lot has changed since that time. This particular camera is no longer available. There are new models similar to this one.

    I have moved on. It got me to looking at wide angle as necessary working inside homes.

    I moved to a Nikon D40 entry level to try out a larger digital format and bought a Nikor 12-24mm lens. Yes, it is expensive and there are cheaper ones. But this lens is sharp with less barrel distortion than many others.

    I’ve since moved one more time to the D300 Nikon camera. I love shooting listings with this camera as well as photography in general.

    It is all a matter of budget. Get the best you can afford.

  8. I personally use the Canon SD750 and absolutely love it.

  9. As a professional real-estate photographer I ‘rn pleased to see you are promoting the Kodak V570.

    Results like you show – here where lighting, composition and other basics of interior photography are not employed to highlight a listing’s strengths – will keep me working for a long time.

  10. William,

    Did you jump into your time machine, or just pretend not to notice this post was in January of 2007. A lot has changed in the past 3 years. Agents are now shooting with D300’s and using HDR post processing.

    In case you didn’t know, commenting on three year old posts in a sarcastic self-serving manner will get you banned from many blogs and will not help your business or reputation.