A Fable Do Follow and Comments

Dinner ForkThere is   a story told of heaven and hell being exactly alike.  

There  are   large banquet tables set with every kind of food and desert imaginable.   Everyone has a fork in their hand that can’t be removed or repositioned.   The Fork is so long you can’t put it in your mouth.

The scene in hell;   everyone is  stabbing food and trying to somehow feed themselves with this great food stuck on  the end of a very long  fork.

The scene in heaven;   everyone is using their fork to get food for the person across the table from them.   They can use their fork to feed others but not themselves.  

In heaven everyone gets fed.   In hell no matter how hard they try no one gets fed.

I wrote earlier this week about the new blog experiment I was doing in our market.   To make it worth while reading I threw in some things that I thought would interest other bloggers.  

gold nuggetI also realize that some just won’t take the time to find the nugget of gold in the middle of the post.   Here it is dusted off and shining bright.   I didn’t want this to get lost.

Posts with Comments

I’ve noticed on the blogs I author and track that post without comments can move quickly to supplemental results and right out of the Google index.   However, posts with comments tend to stay in the active index much longer and some almost indefinitely.

If you find a post you really like or just one you would like to see others read leave a comment.   And I’m not talking about “Great Post”  or “I love your blog”.   Providing a good comment just might help a fellow blogger keep  their post on the web.   We all know we should write for our readers and not the search engines.   The reality is if we aren’t indexed by the search engines our readers can’t find our posts.

Post with Contextual Links

The second thing I’ve noticed that helps keep post in the Google index are those containing links that are contextual to the post.   It means you are giving away a link to another blog.   It is often called link love because these contextual links are the best kind of back-link to get from another blog or website.

Share the link love and keep your posts in the index.

Do-Follow Plug-in

This plug-in It will disable the automatic rel="nofollow"attributes added to external links.   Meaning when someone leaves a comment on your blog and they fill in their URL they will get a back-link from your blog post.

Of course we should all have control over the spam comments that come to our site.   I still moderate all comments before they go live.   Even with Askiment and a spam filter activated.   I also have the do-follow plugin on all my blogs.   I’ve not told anyone this until now but I think I’m going to start, Oh, I guess I just did.

Here is the link to find the do-follow plugin.

In the options panel of the plugin you can set the number of days for the comment before the no follow is removed.   I personally like it set to zero, if someone takes the time to comment on the blog and provide their valid URL, I’m glad to provide them a link back to their site.

We can all help each other out.

  • Leave comments on others blogs
  • Put quality contextual links in your posts
  • Activate the Do-Follow plugin on your blog

Before you know it instead of all of us going hungry, we all get fed.

In case you didn’t know it.   Back-links are a major part of Google PageRank.   Share the Link Love, improve your PageRank, which improves your position in the organics.   To borrow a phrase from Athol Kay “You’ve Been Fed”.

I’d rather be in blogger heaven than blogger hell, how about you?


  1. Someone linked to me! I came and visited the site! It’s like you rubbed my lamp!

    Thats the other good reason to link love. 🙂

  2. I had no idea. So I just checked and sure enough WordPress adds to the comments website link “rel=’external nofollow’.”

    Askimet is doing a great job of cutting out the spam. I delete by hand any spam comments that get though.

    I’ll try the “Follow” plug in. If it doesn’t encourage spam comments, there’s no down side. Most the the people who comment on my blogs are my blog friends or potential clients.

  3. I thought I would leave a comment on this. Thanks for doig the research and writing the post. We have to write for our readers and google too.

  4. Athol, Glad a little link love got you to the lab. Come back often.

    John, it shouldn’t encourage spam and askimet will still trap it if it does.

    T, I think first should always be the readers, then we do what we can to keep it around for them to read. Glad you’re back. Sounds like quite the whirlwind trip.

  5. I had some trouble with that plug-in. I don’t know why. I got bored and found a list of similar plug-ins. Andy Beard Ultimate List of Dofollow Plugins

    “Link Love” looks good because you can change the code directly so it removes the nofollow after a commenter has made X comments.

    I choose, however, “GoodLinks” because it could also shorten the displayed link. I had a problem with long links (aren’t all blog links long?) running wild and stretching across the entire entry column, the entire right column and off into space. UGLY!

  6. John,

    Thanks for the information. I’ve got do-follow on 4 blogs and haven’t had any issues with it. I’ve just downloaded GoodLinks and will take it for a spin.

    I have a few of those off into space. I usually go in and edit the comment and give it a name so the url is hidden, but works.

  7. Great post, I really liked your story about forks and heaven and hell. I would also much rather be in blog heaven than blog hell. Thanks again!

  8. That’s cool Dave. I just added it to RBF. I decided to put a one day waiting period since I’m not moderating the posts before they publish.

  9. John (and others) – a *great* plug in that fixes the “long URL problem” (as ably demonstrated in comment #5 above) is “Chunk URL”….

  10. Hey Dave…

    Your analogy about heaven and hell is spot on. There is Karma out here on the web. As a rule, i use do follow on all of my blogs.

    Interesting to note that Matt Cutts does too.

    Best to you in Tucson


  11. Thanks for the help. I’m definitely going to do this with my new blog I’m about to set up.

  12. Hey Eric,

    Good to hear from you. I like the idea of do follow very much. I didn’t realize WordPress had it turned off, but it makes sense especially with so many spam comments out there.

    Hope you’re having a good summer.

  13. I like that philosophy. Everyone helping each other out with their efforts.

    Now I need to get some help on how to get it implemented in my blog (I’m somewhat a computer newbie).

  14. Hey Dave – great post. I love the heaven/hell analogy. I’ve recently taken my blog “do-follow” & I really like the level of participation that it’s now seeing. I have seen a ton of “one-time posters” that like to leave borderline “me-too” comments. Rather than try & play judge/jury over the worth of their comments, I installed Lucia’s Linky Love – now I have it set that you have to comment 3 times before your links go to “do-follow.”

    Anyways – great blog – I’ll definitely start checking back.

  15. Eric,

    That sounds like a good option for the do-follow.

    Here is the link to Lucia’s Linky Love Plugin.

  16. I just set wordpress up to require moderation for first time posters. It’s in the options menu. Once there a post is approved, they can post all they want. It seems to be enough to keep comment spammers at bay.

  17. Todd,

    That is exactly what I do. And if it is just a “Great Post” is gets spammed which means they are still first time commenters.

  18. It’s the track backs from someone splogging that drives me nuts.

  19. Athol,

    I must not be splog bait, I don’t think I every get track backs from splogs or otherwise come to think of it.

    I’ll have to look, but I don’t remember ever seeing a single track back. Hard to believe I have something set wrong on every blog.

    Probably that I”m just not quoted : )

  20. I was wondering how does this do follow thing work. I have been hearing about it from some friends of mine. They say if you are going to blog, blog on do follow sites. Why?

  21. Paul,

    When you submit a comment you are asked to provide a URL, this is usually your blog. However, in a standard wordpress setup that link as a command to bots called “no follow” which means don’t follow this link. When the bots don’t follow the link you get no “juice” or credit for the link.
    When a blog or website uses a do follow plugin it removes the No Follow tag from your link and you get a link back to your site for each comment you leave.

    That is how it works.

    As to the advice you have received. It is poor advise, comment where ever you would comment and consider a do follow a bonus link. Searching out blogs with a do follow and commenting on them is not what the do follow is for. I put the do follow into place on all my blogs to provide “link love” for those that have taken the time to contribute to the discussion and provide further information for other readers. It is a “bonus” for a contribution rendered.

    Thanks for stopping by the Lab. I hope you will find many answers and helpful hint in the future.

  22. Thank you for the advice. I like that you where quick to respond to it as well. I appreciate the fact that you care about the people who comment on your blogs. I will be visiting a lot! Thank you for the “link love!”?

  23. Paul,

    Glad to be of help. You are always welcome at the lab.

  24. Dave-
    I read somewhere (I thought here on Realestate bloglab) that there was a Firefox plug in that highlighted no follow links. I searched the Firefox site and installed something, but I don’t think it is working. Do you know where I can find this?

  25. I modified my stylesheet to make mine work, but I just searched & found this plug-in. Let us know how it works out…


  26. Scott,

    I remember reading something about it, but never looked for it.


    Ok, I looked for it found it at http://blogoscoped.com/archive/2005-01-19-n34.html did it. Nothing.

    A much easier way if you want to find the no-follow, is to right click on the page, view source and search for “follow”.

    But I’m not sure why you would want to take the time to bother, unless you are checking links back to you that are supposed to be active with a no-follow in it.

    Since Google now is down on link exchange or paid links why take the time.

  27. Here’s the one I use and it works fine…


    There is a simple settings change in your Firefox browser’s css that will do it. The advantage of using the seobook one is that when you do a google search with this plugin it will also show you a LOT of SEO related characteristics about your competitors PLUS the no follows. Happy Halloween!

  28. http://tools.seobook.com/firefox/seo-for-firefox.html

    There’s link to the best one I have used…in addition to the no follows it does competitive research FOR you when you google a search. Happy Halloween!

  29. Scott

    Check this link out:


    I put parentheses around the “dots” because it would not take my comment otherwise.

    Advantage of this plugin is that you can do awesome competitive research with Google searches as well…also track no follows



  30. It looks like Eric B has a link for you that will do what you are looking for Scott.

    I went to the site but decided not to install.

  31. Dave –

    The plug-in (or modified stylesheet) is actually really killer, if you’re an SEO. It makes you really aware of what’s no-followed & what’s not.

  32. Trying to post the link to it Dave, but no dice…is the HTML the issue?



  33. When using seofirefox, how do I check to make sure that I am on a do follow?

  34. If the link is no-follow, it will be highlighted in reddish/pink.

  35. simply go to your site…if the links show up in bright red, then they are no follows if they do not, then they are do followed.



  36. If you don’t see the link/anchor text highlighted, it means it follows. 🙂

  37. Thank you!

  38. Thanks Eric. I took a look at that tool. Boy that thing is really a major power tool. I installed it. You’re right, turn it off if you are casually browsing!

    I did find a lower tech plugin from the FireFox website that is called SearchStatus. It just adds the PageRank, Alexa, and Compete.

    It also allows you to turn on highlighting of all no follows. As I am commenting around the internet (I swear Dave talked about it here), I am now more aware of which blogs have no follow turned off. This plug-in gives me a purple highlight if it is still on.

    Thanks so much.

  39. No problem Scott…

    FTR- I don’t EVER casually browse–grin…

    Another note-my favorite part of that tool is Y! links…

    Addtl note-sorry for the multiple comments above. My comments were hitting Dave’s spam filter, so I posted multiple times. Won’t be doing that again!

    BTW-Just wisited your blog Scott. Really like that. Kudos.

  40. I thought that may be going on when I saw 8 responses from you!

    Thanks for checking out my site. I am continuing to evolve it.

  41. This is actually really interesting. There is a positive correlation between postings staying in the index longer and comments for those postings. Do you think having the no-follow default in wordpress could potentially hurt ranking because Google thinks those that are commenting are not providing links?

  42. Dan,

    Not in this case. The no follow tag is very useful. It is used many times when you don’t want the bots to follow the link. There are some pages you don’t want them on, and it is a good way to tell them “I don’t want this in the index” so for that reason google would never impose a penalty for a link with a no follow or a site using them.

  43. Awesome article about heaven and hell, and it’s so true. And I can relate to my own personal real estate sales as I find myself getting busy running around in circles selling when I really should be spending more time building my team. I am going to add the do follow plug-in and hope to help someone else out there! Thanks for the tip!

  44. Holly,

    Thank you. I think the do follow is a great plugin and I like spreading the “link love” as they say.

  45. Great information, I am noticing some of the same things on my blog as well. Posts that have comments on them rank much better than posts that have no comments.

  46. Dave, thanks for the info. I took what I learned here and threw together my own do-follow blog. I’ve also thrown together my own U comment – I follow Icons that you can see at deretiree dot com/activeadult-news/mike-follow.png

    The blog is at deretiree dot com/activeadult-news/ if anyone wants to take a look.

  47. Monica Livingstone says

    Many thanks by the post man! it was a great post. I downloaded some of your indications and I am waiting to see if I get some better results in get links.

  48. Monica,

    It takes time. Your blog is very new. Don’t get discouraged. Keep posting, stay enthusiastic. It was over 6 months before I started getting comments.

  49. Is Monica’s blog really a blog? Just seems like an advertising trap with content lifted wholesale from Wikipedia.

  50. @Athol-
    Spot on.
    Methinks Monica may be a spammer, my friend. (not accusation–just observation)


  51. Athol,

    Geez, and on a day when I was feeling generous. It does have that look, now I suppose I need to go take down the comment, or maybe leave it and kill the link.

    You guys are too much, I mean that in a good way : )

  52. Monica Livingstone says

    My blog is not fake. It is my college work. My brother set it up for me in a free host that fulled it with ads. And I don’t have money to waste with a college work!

  53. Monica,

    You blog isn’t fake. It is real. But here are the questions.

    Where does the content for your posts come from? Do you write those posts or copy and past the information from some place else?

    The images in your post, where to they come from? Did you take the photos? Were they in the public domain if not?

    If you didn’t write the content and you didn’t take the images then it is what is called a “Spam Site” meaning content/images stolen from others and put on a blog with ads.

    This is what Eric and Athol are referring to in their comments. Since the ads are obvious and the content does not appear to be original it falls in the “Spammer” site description which is not what you want.

    This isn’t free hosting, this is a killer to your reputation and integrity. If you want a blog that is straightforward and you write the content and take the pictures let me know. It can be arranged at no expense to a college budgeted student.

  54. Well if this is college work you’re gonna get expelled for plagiarism from Wikipedia. Most colleges take this sort of thing pretty seriously.

  55. I just deleted Monicas comments “it’s my college work yada yada yada” on my own blog. Her IP address flagged her as living in Montevideo, Uruguay. It’s seriously hard to hide online.

    If indeed this is a “college work”, Blogger.com offers free blog hosting without ads.

  56. This post is a good example of one that has remained on google. I was doing research on no follow etc and it was right up there. Thanks for the info. This is a learning experience.

  57. Dave, your findings are interesting. If you take the time to write a good post, then you definitely want it to stick around in Google’s index. And by activating dofollow you are sure to increase the amount of comments on your blog.

    Hmmm…now the question is, should I allow dofollow on my blog?

  58. @Justin in Oahu – If you have moderation in place I would activate it. You can use Lucia’s link love to help set parameters to be met for the do follow to be activated.

    It is a personal choice. I made it as I said as a way to give back to those contributing to the content of the blog.

  59. I have been noting that blogs with do-follow comments also have higher page rank.

    That implies that at the very least… Google loves them 🙂

  60. I am thinking about moving over to the Do-Follow side myself. Is it true that Google likes blogs with the Do-Follow enabled?

    I have been Googling all morning seeing what people have to say, which is how I found this great site.

  61. Justin,

    I’m not sure if google cares one way or another. I do know that is seems to assign a pagerank to pages with comments higher than those without.

    I put the do follow into place to reward those that contribute to the conversation and content of the post. If there is Juice assigned to the post by Google in the future then I want to share it with them.

    This post is currently PR3 and everyone commenting within the comment policy is receiving some of the PR.

  62. Dave – You bring up great points why to have a do-follow plugin. Especially the one about the more comments you have the more likely Google is going to keep your posts indexed and not go into supplemental hell! You have convinced me. What plugin are you using for your captcha? Anyone else have recommendations for do-follow plugins? Does anybody else have a list of great plugins someone should use on their blog to make it great?

  63. Jeff,

    I’m using Peter’s Custom Anti Spam. I’ve also switched to Lucia’s Link Love for Do Follow.

    As to plugins, there are several post here at the lab with lists of suggestions. Eric Blackwell has a great post here and I’ve written a couple over the years.

    You will find a wealth of information here at the Lab and more being added all the time.

  64. Dave – Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! It does look like you have a lot of great information here. I will have to spend some time looking through it.


  65. I have a question for anyone who is listening (reading) – is all this link building really worth it? Won’t Google eventually start cracking down on this and we’ll have to come up with some other way to get on the coveted FIRST PAGE OF RESULTS? Sometimes I feel like we’re chasing that carrot and someone keeps yanking it away…

  66. Heidi,

    Take off your “Link Building” glasses and put on your “Contributing to the discussion” glasses.

    The point of this post is not about link building, which unfortunately is what “do-follow” has become associated with by the “SEO GURUs” which I consider for the most part to be “SEO JERKS”.

    To answer your question. It is not worth leaving a comment for the purpose “link building” Most who try it here and on my other do-follow blogs end up either deleted or sent to Askimet as “spam”.

    You just contributed to this discussion and post by asking your question. For that you will get a very small bit of Google juice which I share with you for your contribution.

    It isn’t about link building or link baiting, it is about contributing to a discussion and getting a thank you in return.

    BTW, I’m seeing this post because of it’s age ad number of comment currently with a PR4. PR4 for a post? are you kidding me! And part of that is yours.

  67. Heidi-
    If I could, I’d like to add a personal note or about “link building”. When I first met Dave Smith, it was on a blog…and he posted about a Hamburger joint. I commented on his post and we have been friends since then.

    We have communicated via email, and via phone since that time. If I was just “link building”, that never would have happened. Yes I do SEO work. And everytime I hear someone counsel someone else to just go comment on blogs for links, it makes me cringe.

    The true idea behind do follow blogging was to encourage conversations and to develop blogs as the places where ideas were exchanged rather than just posted. Yes,if you are commenting on this post, it is currently a PR4.

    But honestly, where people miss the REAL value is the relationships that can be built. I blogrolled this blog on my blog the first day I found it. And I would not trade the friendships that I have built with fellow travelers like Dave for any amount of links.

    Good to meet you and I hope that helps clarify things…

  68. Well this post certainly has some legs. There aren’t many posts out there that get pertinent comments after being up almost a year.

    In the blogging seminars and discussions I have, I often encourage people to comment on posts. Not for the link they may get for that one comment. It’s for (as Eric mentions) the “relationship building” primarily, and the simple fact that with every new comment you leave you probably pick up a new reader.

    Build relationships, and people are quite likely at some point to link to a post you write — THAT is a real link.

    Bloggers also tend to visit the blogs of people that leave comments. If you have interesting stuff, it’s quite likely that blogger who you left a comment for will become a reader, and at some point link to you.

    I’ve made literally hundreds of “friends” online through building social media relationships. People I’ve talked to in “real life”, people I’ve laughed with, and people I’ve cried with.

    That is worth WAY more than the link love derived from leaving a comment.

  69. Heidi,

    I hope you are still following this thread. Jay was one of the first people I had contact with when I first started blogging. I didn’t even know what a back link was then.

    But I quickly found out what it was like to find friends from RE Blogging.

    Jay and Eric are two guys I’d give the shirt off my back for. Jay might need it too, he has some pretty tacky shirts : ) Just kidding!

    This little parable does seem to have some real legs doesn’t it.

  70. So, What you mentioned was very interesting. I certainly knew that getting links back to your site was beneficial for your page rank, but I had no clue that Google ranked the relevance of your page by the number of comments you have. That would also, then, lead me to believe that they would also somehow know (as in this case) that a link back to your site is coming from a comment, and then discount it. It’s certainly possible.

    I had my site originally set up to only remove the no-follow comments after a certain number of posts. My hope was to only get posts from potentially repeat readers. Maybe that’s not a good idea, though, because it’s possible to get a good comment from someone who only visits the site once, and you wouldn’t want to discourage that.


  71. Thoughts?

    My first thought is that it’s awesome that this post is still getting comments after 1.5 years.

    I don’t see any problem using LLL, or other plugins like it that require a specific # of comments in order to get love. I think it actually allows the webmaster a little more leeway in letting borderline comments through.

  72. Thoughts?

    “So, What you mentioned was very interesting. I certainly knew that getting links back to your site was beneficial for your page rank, but I had no clue that Google ranked the relevance of your page by the number of comments you have. That would also, then, lead me to believe that they would also somehow know (as in this case) that a link back to your site is coming from a comment, and then discount it. It’s certainly possible.”

    It is possible to discount them but I don’t think there is any reason to do so. Most individual posts have no PR a small amount of nothing is still nothing.

    In this case this post as Eric mentioned has a life of it’s own. And a PR of 3 (it used to be 4). It continues to be indexed by Google, as do all my posts with a high number of comments. There are any number of reasons for this.

    One possibility, every time it is spidered there is new content (more comments) which keeps it in the index.

    For me, it isn’t about SEO, I like sharing the links traffic with those commenting and contributing. But having my content continue to be indexed and therefore, read, is a real plus.

    There are as many comments left here which never make it out of moderation as those that do. Why? Because of they are not contributing to the discussion there isn’t any reason for them.

    Even if comments might keep the post indexed, it diminishes the experience for the reader to have a bunch of self serving comments on a post.

    Personally, when I find a post like that I almost never leave a comment. And here I am leaving the 74th comment on this post. Go Figure.

  73. I agree with Eric – It is amazing that this post lives on 🙂

    Hey Eric – Great finally meeting you in Vegas!! Too bad you had to dig out early.

  74. @Jeff – Great meeting you, too! It sounds like I missed out on a fun time the last few nights. If you make it the Austin Pubcon, I’ll show you around!

  75. You make a good point. I may as well allow comments to get the juice immediately because I have the site set to moderate every comment anyway. No reason to force a regular reader to post 5, 10 or however many times it’s set for.

    I’m changing it now.

  76. Dave I am pretty impressed with the number of comments your blog attracts no doubt the follow helps but you do right quality content which is the best success for your blog!

  77. Dan,

    I think the quality of the content is a big factor that keeps readers coming back. Longevity is also a factor, being around for a while and providing quality content is also key. But you just sparked a thought which will be another post somewhere soon. Having guest authors who have friends that read their content is a HUGE factor in increasing comments and readers.

  78. I love this post very much. I believe the post is commented not only because it gives back link but it’s really a highly valuable experience write down. Thank you again for the knowledge you share.

  79. I really liked the metaphor that you used about the forks. It sounds really familiar though. Is it yours, or were you inspired from another source?

    Anyhow it applied perfectly. I am thinking about starting a blog (I am realising that I may have approached site development wrong). WordPress looks like a great API, and I would gladly share the link love.

  80. @Max @ Free Houston Lawyers – Max,

    WordPress is a fantastic API. You will love it, and the Lab is full of tips.

  81. I am a firm believer in the fact that if you comment on someone’s blog, read the article and comment with a unique thought out response. The only thing I didn’t know was that it helps if I add the DO FOLLOW plug in to my site. I don’t think I have it yet, but I will…Thanks for the information. I really like your blog!

    Scott ´s last blog post..Search Hudson County MLS

  82. I am learning a lot about how to get a blog started. My first attempt only yielded me thousands of spam comments and no honest visitors. I have since added a spam filter that has been working well and have been debating turning my blog into a “do follow” blog as I feel t hat would only be fair to the quality visitors that do visit the site and leave comments. I was curious if anyone who has made that change has seen a difference in their visitors and comments.

  83. Excellent post Dave! I’m sitting here in Eric Blackwell’s SEO class at the Phoenix Unchained event. He mentioned you and your blog and it occurred to me I haven’t visited in a while. I did a search for ‘real estate blog lab’ and this article is one of your site links. Nice! I wonder if this information is still relevant two years later. 🙂

  84. I did not realize until reading your blog that a post with comments got more favorable treatment from Google and other search engines than a post without. I guess it does go some way towards proving “revelancy” and a “vote” for that url or pots, so it makes sense.

    Charlotte Real Estate ´s last blog post..Senators Push For $15,000 Homebuyer Tax Credit

  85. I have already converted my blog to a dofollow blog.But i am receiving a lot of spam comments after that. So i moderate all the comment and i will set that to zero from today onwards so that i can give back links to genuine people with valid URL.

  86. I am working on a site and i have searched a lot for do follow blogs, if i find do follow blog the back links they are providing are no follow, i am seriously worried about this, moderator should make back links do follow after confirmation, other wise they cant get comments on their blogs.

  87. Greg,

    It depends on the do follow plugin being used. Most will be do-follow after the third comment. But it is up to the moderator to set the number of comments left before do-follow kicks in.

    This is probably why you are seeing no-follow on some comments left on do-follow blogs.


  88. @Greg –

    That’s not necessarily true. There are plenty of nofollowed blogs that get a lot of participation. You just have to create great content and socialize with other bloggers to promote. That said, I’m part of the dofollow blog community b/c I it does give us an advantage in getting user participation (it also gives us a headache with heavier spam moderation.)
    .-= Eric Bramlett´s last blog ..Carnival of Real Estate #166 =-.

  89. Sorry, I misread the comment. Listen to Dave here…
    .-= Eric Bramlett´s last blog ..Carnival of Real Estate #166 =-.

  90. Eric,

    Misread or not your comment is very applicable and gets a big AMEN from me.

  91. My blog is presently no follow blog…I want to make this do follow…is there any available plugsin? My site is wordpress site

  92. Realtor in DC,

    If that’s your real name (I doubt that) Yes, there are several good do follow pluings

    Lucia’sLinkLove, NoFollow Free, Do Follow are all available. A quick Google search for “WordPress do follow plugins” should gather even more results.


  93. I like the comparison between heaven and hell. I have a few blogs that I need to like to my main site but they are in blogger. Is there a plugin needed to go dofollow?

    Jacci Anders

  94. Jacci,

    I’m not familiar with Blogger. I don’t think they are dofollow blogs and I don’t know that you have access to plugins.

    Anyone got an answer?


  95. Correct IMO on both counts.

    Blogger is not do follow out of the box.

    Also, to my knowledge, Blogger does not allow you to host your own blogs and does not have plugin development capability ala WordPress. Caveat: I have not examined blogger in recent months since all I have done lately is port stuff OUT of it (grin).

    Jacci- my advice would be to export your blog to a standalone WordPress blog and that way you truly own your content and are much more free to build your online assets.


    .-= Eric Blackwell´s last blog ..Matt Cutts on WordPress SEO – Great Basic Stuff =-.

  96. Jacci,

    Listen to Eric.


    Glad to see you back at the Lab. 😉


  97. Happy to be back, my friend.

    Here’s hoping that Tucson is treating you well and that you guys have a blessed Christmas if I do not talk to you first. (I may not have written much, but I always enjoy visiting / reading the lab) . 😉

    .-= Eric Blackwell´s last blog ..Matt Cutts on WordPress SEO – Great Basic Stuff =-.

  98. Link building is such a hot topic, however so many new bloggers give up before they ever get started. I think they underestimate the time it takes to get involved in the online community.
    .-= Jacksonville Homes´s last blog ..Short Sales speed up for Jacksonville home owners =-.

  99. Nowadays, many bloggers abuse this kind of technique just to draw backlinks to their website, this is called spamming. In giving comments to the blogs, be sure to be relevant – base your blogs according to the article. There are many black hat SEO technique but I am sure that this will not achieved a quality result. Google and other search engine have rules regarding this issue. So be careful. An excellent and relevant content gives you a quality optimization for your website.
    .-= George White´s last blog ..Lewisville New Builders Homes =-.

  100. George,

    I’ve found a few trying to abuse the do follow. But trying is about all they do. With moderation turned on I see every comment before it is approved. Granted there are some trying to abuse the do follow. But in most cases, it is overtly obvious. They never make it out of moderation.

    For the most part; the comments approved are those that contribute to the discussion of the topic.


  101. Hi Dave! Good bloggers deserve link love; bad bloggers don’t. I personally want to see every ethical blogger that contributes to conversations succeed, and every spammer rot in hades. I do visit a few no-follow blogs, but the majority of the blogs I frequent are dofollow, and often when I find good articles I link to them. For example, I visit your blog from time to time, post a comment – this makes you happy, and the fresh “content” from the comment gets your post re-indexed and gives it the “staying power” you mention in this post (Yes, I’ve definitely noticed it too), and when I write another post either on my blog, Zillow, or Geek Estate about Do Follow and spreading link love, I’m going to remember this post and link back to it. It’s kind of like the whole “kindness, pass it on” thing. Let’s make the blogging world a better place!
    .-= Justin Bartlett´s last blog ..The Debt Consolidation Process =-.

  102. Your this post is very useful and popular as I can see there are already 104 comments on it. I have followed your advice and downloaded “dofollow” plugin from http://kimmo.suominen.com/sw/dofollow/.
    Thank you for providing us useful information.
    Preston Guyton

  103. I run a real estate blog and most people play the game properly by submitting relevant comments and I have no problem with them getting a link as long as the comments are related. Good bloggers do deserve “Link Love”as you call it. Keep up the great work.

  104. I’ve heard the heaven and hell story several times, but never related to blog comments. It’s very appropriate. I’d never thought of the contribution a comment makes to the blog owner before. Many thanks for enlightening me. Excellent article. See you in heaven!

  105. I love this site and I’m definitely going to come back and read more. I’ve been thinking about starting a real estate blog and what I’ve read here really seals the deal. Right now I have a little blog on a blogger website that nobody really sees or knows about and I’m going to start a new one and delete my old blog and move my posts over and start fresh. I’d like it to be like a real estate journal that I share with others about my real estate experiences, market changes and programs to help buyers and sellers. Hopefully people will like it.

    Do you think it is better to have a blog in my website, or have a separate website set up specifically for blogging?

  106. I would never have another strictly web site. I would always use a WP platform whether I blogged or not.



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