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Stop WordPress from adding unwanted break codes

I was recently adding some html code from a source into Wordpress.  The problem, Wordpress kept adding break codes <br /> and messing up the styling on the page.I struggled with this, modified the CSS as a work around and gave up.  Today, I Continue Reading

Simple Full Screen Background Image

There are times when you want a full screen background image that is FULL Screen all the time.  I mean no matter how far out you zoom the image doesn't repeat.No need to create a huge image and then only see part of it at normal viewing sizes.  Continue Reading

WordPress 3.4 Yeah, Get It – NOW

This is by far the most stable upgrade of a WP version I've ever seen.  I usually express caution when going to a major update like 3.4.  I didn't alter my usual practice of upgrading a few sacrificial lambs before upgrading the mother ships of my Continue Reading