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WordPress 3.5 Quick Look at Upgrading

Wordpress 3.5 was released a few weeks ago. I held off upgrading for about 10 days while some things were shaking out. I had a few friends that got antsy and pulled the upgrade plug right away. I guess it is like hearing the phone ring and having to Continue Reading

Bluehost and CloudFlare

UPDATE: I've turned off CloudFlareI had a dedicated IP address for the site mentioned below. I wasn't paying close enough attention to all the details of turning on CloudFlare. It should have been obvious, but I missed it. Cloudflare assigns Continue Reading

ZipRealty Hires SEO Firm who SPAMS Their Reputation

It's been awhile since I talked about the value of your reputation on the web and how important it is to really know who you are hiring when you hire an SEO firm.This morning this comment was waiting for moderation. A new comment on the post Continue Reading

WordPress SEO or All-In-One SEO

The answer depends on how much work you want to do.  Do you already have All-In-One SEO on your site?  If the answer is yes, did you fill in the SEO description and title fields under the post editor? Why Stay with All-In-One-SEO If you have had Continue Reading

WordPress SEO Permalink issue

I've recently added Wordpress SEO to a few of my sites for testing.  I noticed the other day a change in what was happening to my permalinks to posts and pages. Normally, I give a post a title and save the draft.  Then I write the post and often Continue Reading

Fast & Secure vs Gravity Forms

I've used Fast and Secure forms for more than three years.  I loved the interface and flexible functionality the first time I used Fast & Secure.  It has improved over the years.  I continue to use it for all my forms and most of my client Continue Reading