Archives for November 2011

Jquery Accordion Menu for Neat Sidebars

It is a pretty common for a real estate blog to have a lot of links in their sidebars to custom searches, featured categories, etc.Long lists of links can be visually distracting.  It reminds me of a line from "The Land of Point" Oblio and Arrow Continue Reading

UnCategorized Screams NEWBIE

I have a checklist of things I do as soon as a new site is installed.  The fourth thing on that list is:Change the name of the default category from Uncategorized to "General"Nothing shouts NEWBIE to a blog ready more than having the default Continue Reading

ColorZilla Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator

We don't need no stinking .jpg background gradient.  Now that CSS3 is being widely accepted by most browsers the need for slow loading images for rounded corners, drop shadows and gradient backgrounds no longer exists.One of the best and easiest Continue Reading

Shadow Inventory Just for fun

This post is to show you how you can use a little in-line styling to enhance any post in which you mention the dreaded SHADOW INVENTORYNot all browsers will render (IE) the text-shadow.  But for the ones that do, it adds a little emphasis to the Continue Reading