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You don’t need blog title after every post

I had this one come in a couple of weeks back.  A friend of mine was surfing the net watching videos on of all things "SEO for Wordpress"This particular video was, in short, saying that it was important to keep your title tags short.  And that Continue Reading

One Post Well Done – Easy on the SEO

Keywords & Keyword phrases are to describe post content; NOT WHAT YOU WANT TO RANK FOR.This seems to be a principle of SEO that gets lost in translation.  Search Engine Optimization of a post means you are providing hints to them about Continue Reading

Real Estate SEO

This post is an introduction to a new series of posts about SEO.  I'm even starting a new Category for this series called RE SEO.Let's kick this off with a story. Which I'll tell in the first person (you really wanted to know that didn't Continue Reading

Think before you spam that email

You just might be shooting yourself to the Google Spam filter. Now seems to be the season of SEO companies to be hitting contact forms on blogs websites everywhere.The message is simple and usually worded the same.Want more traffic to your Continue Reading