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RE Blogging Tip – Don’t Use Double Quotes in Blog Post Titles

Rendering a " is a chore for a browser. Putting them in a blog title can make it very difficult to find your content in a search.Here's why. This simple title: “Happenings on Main Street” and “Northport ArtWalk” Turns into this in your Continue Reading

Custom Permalink and Site Migration

I've migrated 10 WordPress sites to new servers or hosting companies in the past 8 days.  It has been a marathon of Cpanel, MYSQL, phpAdmin and a host of exporting and importing options involving direct database Export and Import when possible and WP Continue Reading

Slick Contact Form

What's so slick about it? It can be put anywhere on the site, and it follows you down the page as you scroll.Like Donkey in Shrek, "Pick Me, Pick Me"The contact form that Stalk might be a better term than Slick Contact Form.I'm using Continue Reading

Fontific – Google Fonts

Google fonts are @font-face fonts.  they can be loaded on the fly to your site.  These fonts don't have to be on the system of the reader.  They are loaded to their browser on the fly from Google.The typical way to do this is include a call to Continue Reading