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Twenty Ten Navigation Right

As armchair designers we sometimes want to personalize our theme to fit our taste.One of the simple changes that provides a different look is to have the Top Navigation float right instead of left.This requires a simple addition to the style Continue Reading

Twenty Ten Title and Description

How to Remove the Title and Keep the H1 Tag in Twenty Ten The H1 tag is the most important tag on site.   It is where your primary Keywords belong.   Wordpress General Tab is where you set the Site Title and Description.   Most theme designers work Continue Reading

Twenty Ten Skip the Excerpts

How do I display whole posts in search and archives In the Loop.php find:<?php /* How to display all other posts. */ ?>then a few lines later - - Original Code: <?php if ( is_archive() || is_search() ) : // Only display excerpts Continue Reading

Guest Post for your site

Do I really want this person to be writing on my site or should they be going to English class? Hi,I visited your site: and I must say that your site has got really good and worthy information. While reading your Continue Reading

RE Bloggers DO NOT Use This Plugin

I ran across this plugin last night in the Latest Updated Plugin section. Powerfull Blog Post Promoter (PBPP) This is one plugin you don't want to use on your real estate blog. Here's why.This plugin randomly picks an older post and changes Continue Reading

Twenty Ten Left Sidebar

Twenty Ten the Lefty You want the sidebar on the left?  But it comes on the right.  There's no option to set it left or right.  But as with most things Twenty Ten it is very simple to put the sidebar on the left.First: #primary, #secondary Continue Reading