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CSS3 for IE

There's a project out there called PIE. It is in beta. I tested version 1 yesterday. Version 2 is out today. I'll take it for a spin soon.   I have no idea what version will be up by the time you read this post.   But I do know they post the Continue Reading

CSS3 Is Here Now

Why Wait to Use it? I've started using some CSS3 styling here at the lab and on another site I'm currently developing.   I love it.   The formatting and "Eye Candy" ability with CSS3 is pretty amazing.   It used to be if you wanted rounded corners Continue Reading

Twenty Ten 1.0 And All-In-One SEO Post Title Issue

I noticed something strange when I installed the All-In-One SEO Pack on my new Twenty Ten installs. There was an issue with the post title being displayed.It would put the post title and the blog title together then repeat the blog title. Continue Reading

Modifying Twenty Ten CSS

Typically when adding your own structures to a CSS file you put them at the end of the file.   They are easier to find down there and know where the original code ends and your additions/modifications begin. Twenty Ten CSS will throw you a loop I Continue Reading

Twenty Ten 1.1 Released

If you have already started making modifications to your copy of Twenty Ten you should backup the theme files and then install the latest version. Footer Tracking Codes Don't forget if you have already inserted Tracking codes for Woopra, Google Continue Reading

Site Title and Site Description

Twenty Ten allows for a long title and a short description. But what if your site is the other way around. You have a short title but want a long description.You don't have to change your description to fit the allotted 220 pixels. Here is Continue Reading