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Broken Link Checker

Quick Update: Don't be too zealous in cleaning up reported broken backlinks.   I've found that if a server is having a connection issue at the time you log into your admin panel there will be good links reported as broken.   Why?   Because at that Continue Reading

You Can’t Read it All From the Home Page

This is short and sweet.If all you ever do is read the recent posts from the home page you are probably missing out on a lot of related content. Get Ready For Menus in 3.0 There have been widgets around for some time that allow us to "tailor" Continue Reading

You Don’t have to call it a Blog

I remember when we would say the word "Blog" and people would stare at us and ask "What's a blog"?Now I'm running into 8 year olds on Twitter who have a "Blog". There are still people that don't even know how to use the word.   "Class, your Continue Reading

All-In-One-SEO Page Title Rewrite Not Working

I wrote a post yesterday about how to SEO your page title and permalink while keeping the page name short for the top navigation list.Well I ran into a snag. It didn't work. No matter what I did, I couldn't get the Page Title to rewrite.I Continue Reading

Title Slugs and Navigation Real Estate

We are all about Real Estate here; but not the kind you sell. No, we are about the kind you present and the constraints of design.I can write about this topic in a post, but I can only show you what I'm talking about on a page.   Why?   Because Continue Reading

Google Wave Surfs Out

Had a message at the bottom of my browser that my Wave notifier had   "Cookies Blocked" Caught my interest (and eye, red does that).   I clicked on it and got the screen below.Is anyone using Google Wave anymore?Has Buzz taken the Continue Reading