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WordPress 3.0.4 “Critical” Update

WordPress Matt Matt himself takes the time to issue a statement on an update and calls it "critical" it is something you/we should all take seriously.I know many of you aren't in the dashboard daily. And I also know that some of you have gotten Continue Reading

SexyBookmarks not Sexy with Worpress 3.0.2

UPDATE 12/20/2010: Jay (from Sexybookmarks) left a couple of comments last night. This morning I upgraded Sexybookmarks and ran benchmark pageload time tests. Indeed it seems the issues are resolved. You can now shorten with your favorite URL Continue Reading

WordPress 3.0.2 Just Do It

If you are current on your WP installs (Meaning you are running 3.0.1 currently) then go ahead and run the auto upgrade. It fixes a few bugs and a security issue.The security issue? If you have someone on your blog as an Author and they are Continue Reading

Blog Lab running WP 3.0.1 Finally

This is what I describe as a "Housekeeping" post.   It is just an update on a few topics discussed in recent (and some not so recent) posts. Adding the New Functionality I had mentioned a while back that the Lab was behind on updates.   I've been Continue Reading

CTabs Plugin

I've tried a lot of tabbed content plugins. I've not found one yet that worked as promised, in some cases even worked. But I keep trying. The latest I've seen is this one called CTabls. It popped up on the "New Plugins for Nov. 28, 2010 Continue Reading

TSL Iframe Unfilter

We who blog in RE often find our IDX solution is an "Iframe" solution.   But there is one really annoying downside to Iframes and Wordpress.   The visual editor will strip out Iframe code if you switch to the the visual tab.   So we put the Iframe in Continue Reading